J. McVay shares his 10 favorite films of 2018. He also revisits a few documentaries from the Tribeca Film Festival that really deserve distribution and looks ahead to some films out in 2019 he and his colleagues caught at the festivals this year.
John Bolton hasn’t listen to Khashoggi tape. World on track for catastrophic climate change. Manafort met with Assange. And Dogs aren’t exceptional? Also, J. McVay & Charles Hinshaw on ‘If Beale Street Could Talk’ & a preview of Bilge Rat’s upcoming BTR Live Studio session.
Favorite performances, directors, and more from the 2018 New York Film Festival. Thoughts on streaming services’ potential effects on movie making and movie going. A sneak preview of Jane Church’s BTR Live Studio session.
Favorite films from the 2018 New York Film Festival. Charles Hinshaw and J. McVay on mid90s.’ John Knefel on Mitch McConnell’s targeting of the poor. A sneak preview of The Duke of Surl’s BTR Live Studio session.
Our 2018 Fall Movie Preview. Also, performances from The Black Black’s and Pearl Charles’ upcoming BTR Live Studio sessions.