Banned Books
Laser Background. Teen Suicide. Japanese Breakfast. Pink Siifu and Malik Abdul Rahmaan. Kamaiyah. nufraktur. Matthewdavid. And more...
Today I talk about gravitational waves and play music from Aphex Twin, Banned Books ,Stas THEE Boss, Sheer Mag and reigning BTR Tune Up artist Rozes
Today on Book Talk we look at why books are blacklisted by the American Library Association; which books have been or are currently banned; and what we should do about it.
DJ Paypal. Stas THEE Boss. The Lavender Flue. Pinegrove. J'von. Banned Books. Klauss. Krill. Knxwledge. Sheer Mag. And more...
Today I talk about and play music from Ulrika Spacek, Froyo Ma and Bitchin Bajas. Plus some awesome live recordings of Warehouse, Krill and Banned Books from the awesome people at Shea Stadium.