Swiss company Flyability nabbed the UAE's US$1 million Drones For Good Award with its crash-proof drone that can access all the places you don’t want to.
Subtle modifications to users' field of view in virtual reality may aid those who are prone to VR-inspired motion sickness.
An agreement with the Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development and the Nevada Institute for Autonomous Systems to begin testing its unmanned aircraft.
On the heels of the announcement that Germany produced so much renewable energy that it had to pay its consumer base to use it, Portugal powered its lights for four days straight using only renewables.
The Click Effect is a mind-blowing VR experience that takes viewers on a live-action free-dive a hundred feet beneath the ocean surface to listen to the clicks and calls of dolphins and sperm whales.
Part two of BTRtoday's coverage of the virtual reality experiences showcased at the 2016 TFI Interactive Playground.
Dozens of virtual reality leaders showcased their latest immersive experiences at the Tribeca Film Institute’s 2016 Interactive forum, and BTRtoday was there to put them to the test.
BTRtoday speaks with TRUE Fit founder Tommy Schneider about his upcoming cross country bike ride to promote health and fitness in schools and low-income communities across the country.
After a nine-month delay, the solar-powered plane Solar Impulse 2 has resumed its flight around the world.
A new solar panel designed by Chinese scientists can generate energy from raindrops, overcoming solar technology’s greatest shortcoming and offering a promising lead for future all-weather solar cell design.
Motor titan Tesla just made history in the first week after the release of its new Model 3 electric sedan.
Researchers have succeeded in engineering microscopic robots that can seek out and repair broken circuits.
Scientists at Temple University have succeeded in using the controversial gene-editing technology CRISPR-Cas9 to edit HIV out of infected cells.
The Dot braille smartwatch brings us one step closer to making information accessible to people living with blindness.
If you think your smartphone’s Touch ID is the safest way to protect your data, think again.
I took lucid dreaming pills every night for 10 days to see what would happen.
In principle, Nervana Headphones should have the same mood-enhancing effect as exercise, or sex, or any other pleasurable activity that gives you a good kick in the dopamine.
We trust wearables that track our fitness and monitor our health, but what about wearables that monitor our brains?
In theory, Molly is the purer form of Ecstasy. In reality, it's a grab-bag of narcotics and chemical compounds that may or may not contain any MDMA at all.
Construction has begun on the Giant Magellan Telescope, which will gaze into the cosmos from atop a mountain in Chile's Atacama Desert.
Conventional agriculture is an inherently flawed industry that poses serious threats to many of the planet's finite resources. New tech-savvy farms use hydroponic and aquaponic strategies that could revolutionize the way we grow food in the future.
A new generation of high-tech farmers stands at the forefront of indoor agriculture initiatives that could revolutionize the way we grow food for the future.
Our least favorite critters provide inspiration for scientists who are working to develop rescue robots based on the structure of the cockroach's exoskeleton.
A century has passed since the inception of the Cincinnati subway, and still, it lies untouched, a forgotten artery beneath the heart of the city.
How do we maintain our integrity in the age of iPhoneography and the obsessive "like" culture that photo-sharing platforms engender?
France’s notoriously difficult AZERTY keyboard will receive a make-over.
A Ukrainian engineer has designed a commercial aircraft with a passenger cabin that would detach itself from the wings, nose, and engines of the plane in the event of a crash.
Is creativity unique to humans? Bowerbirds, chimpanzees, and New Caledonian crows seem to have something to say on the matter, and the answer is more complex than you think.
Should researchers be allowed to alter human genes? BTR sits down with Elliot Hosman of the Center for Genetics and Society to discuss controversial advances in the field of genetic engineering and what they mean for the future of the human race.
We’ve found the coolest stuff unveiled at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show, so you don’t have to.
Every year, mushers and their dog teams risk life and limb in one of the world’s most grueling athletic competitions: the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race.
Faraday Future’s hyper-futuristic concept car satisfies some, but leaves others wanting. If Faraday intends to become a harbinger for global change, its engineers will need to translate their space-age concepts into an affordable, functional vehicle.
A new wearable uses human pee to generate enough energy to transmit radio signals to a receiver, providing a potential aid for wayward hikers.