David Huerta on cyber security, helping journalists protect their sources, and easy end to end encryption. Also, the Trump administration plans to round up homeless people in California, and the…
John explains the consequences of ending the Flores Agreement, a current effort of the Trump administration, which has been in place since 1997.
In Part 2, Andrea Carcamo discusses the problems with incarcerating asylum seekers, how it affects their mental health and how the media tends to overlook the trauma and humanity of migrant refugees.
Andrea Carcamo joins the show to discuss visiting the U.S. southern border at El Paso to see firsthand the conditions in detention centers and to meet with refugees and asylum seekers.
The Trump administration introduces more restrictions on asylum, moves to classify the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, and lies about infanticide at a rally in Wisconsin. …
AG William Barr wants to detain asylum seekers, establishment Democrats are organizing around their fear of Bernie Sanders, and listener mail. Photo courtesy of the Office of Senator Mitt Romney via Wikimedia Commons