PHOTOBLOG: This summer, BTR staffers traveled all around the tri-state area as well as to other parts of the USA and the world. Tanya Silverman traveled to Detroit where she visited the Henry Ford Museum and the Belle Isle Conservancy. Ashley Rodriguez journeyed out West to see Mt Hood in Oregon and outdoor chess in Seattle, while Kenneth Miller cruised to Bermuda.
PHOTOBLOG: Smorgasburg is open on weekends from April to November in NYC. On Saturdays, the flea market is hosted in East River State Park while on Sundays it takes place in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Patrons can find all sorts of food, drink, and people watching.
Made in the USA Week - Aspects of American culture, nature, and cuisine make our country truly unique. We're proud to be American for many reasons, be it iconic photographs, jazz music, tater tots, or vast landscapes.
PHOTOBLOG: If you're in Manhattan and looking for something close by to keep you occupied or take a break from work, Bryant Park is the perfect place to go. Settled right next to the New York Public Library's main location, the park is conveniently located. Beautiful gardens border opposite ends of the park's lush lawn. While many parks have lush landscapes and beautiful flowers, Bryant Park stands out among the rest.
PHOTOBLOG: The fourth annual Seed Experience vegan festival, expo, and conference took place on June 20th and 21st at Brooklyn's Expo Center in Greenpoint. The center was lined with vendors performing food demonstrations, offering tasty samples, and selling some of their treats.
Anyone who cooks as often as some of us here at BTR will find it pretty simple to conjure up images of their most prized kitchen possession. You know exactly what we mean if you fit into this category, too. For us, the essentials range from a simple knife to a celebrity-signed container.
On June 8, Seattle-based Starbucks announced six new flavors of Frappuccino in celebration of the blended beverage's 20th anniversary. The variations are dubbed Fan Flavors in honor of customers' favorite ingredient combinations; they include Caramel Cocoa Cluster, Cinnamon Roll, Cotton Candy, Cupcake, Lemon Bar, and Red Velvet Cake.
Relationship Week - Research has highlighted time and time again that our clothing choices are deeply intertwined with our self-perception and personality. BTR staffers weigh in on the outfits that make them feel the most confident.
PHOTOBLOG: The Cloisters is a branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art displaying medieval art and architecture. It has been open to the public since 1938. Pieces of five separate European monasteries or convents were shipped to the United States and reassembled to create what is currently The Cloisters.
Rain Week - With more and more modern technology--television, internet, radio, internet radio, smartphones, and apps--there are numerous ways of getting the weather report for the day before venturing outside. BTR staffers chime in on how they get their weather reports.
Brooklyn's annual Go Green! Festival is designed to show an appreciation for our environment through information and demonstrations. A variety of vendors with environmentally friendly merchandise were present like Holly's HeART by Hand, Taproot Organics, and AE Wooden Toys. Charlie & Sarah provided a clothing swap to exchange clothing without all the packaging of newly bought garb. Food vendors included Sugar Couture and Two Books Pizza among many others.
PHOTOBLOG: 'Touch the Art' stands apart from most conventional art exhibits that discourage the public from touching. Danish contemporary artist Jeppe Hein is known for creating works that encourage the public to actively participate in his art. In Brooklyn Bridge Park, people are encouraged to touch, splash, sit on, and walk through art depending on what you're in the mood for.
Today marks the first day of Throwback Week here at BTR and we thought it best to kick it off with a celebration of our favorite discontinued food products. Aside from a few pleas to bring them back, we’re also talking about our own personal experiences.
Vacation Week - We long to get away from our confining routines. Instead of sulking about feeling trapped, we should instead try to find ways to take mini-vacations in the places we live.
PHOTOBLOG: At Internet Week New York, famous furry friends of social media made an appearance with their owners. The panel included MenswearDog, ToastMeetsWorld, and the creator of famed TheDogist.
PHOTOBLOG: The Spanish Around the World Carnaval took place Saturday on 91st street between West End Avenue and Riverside Avenue in Manhattan. Plenty of festive children and adults strolled through the area to learn about Spanish culture, which they did so through craft making and cupcake decorating.
Live music is meant to be heard, but when it’s too loud for too long, it can cause significant damage to hearing. Musicians, fans, and concert photographers should take necessary precautions to protect their ears.
PHOTOBLOG: The semi-annual pop-up food market, Mad. Sq. Eats, is currently underway in the Flatiron District. BTR checks out the spring installment of the event in its own backyard.
PHOTOBLOG: BTR explores NYC's Meatpacking District, which has evolved over the years into one of the city's most interesting neighborhoods. Though many of the meat distribution companies that once occupied the area no longer exist, this area of Manhattan retains it's name.
BTR looks at some of television and film’s most beloved nerds and geeks over the years. From Steve Urkel to Lisa Simpson to Daria, these nerdy characters have received iconic status.
PHOTOBLOG: Cherry blossom season has finally arrived in New York. From the Bronx to Brooklyn, the blooming trees can be seen almost anywhere. BTR visited Central Park to get a good look at the trees, some of which were just beginning to bloom, while others were well on their way.
Humidity affects a number of factors in our daily existence: our environments, our health, our mood, our hair. Professional bakers talk to Dish + Drink about the ways in which humidity affects their trade.
PHOTOBLOG: An Earth Day kick-off took place on Sunday, April 19 at the Audubon Center Boathouse in Prospect Park from 1-4 pm. Activities included fishing lessons, a mulching and garbage clean up class, button making, and a performance by Bash the Trash.
Care Week - Animal rights issues are becoming more prominent in recent years. BTR talks with the respresentatives of several animal advocacy groups regarding their efforts to protect wildlife, monitor livestock farming, or promote vegan lifestyles.
PHOTOBLOG: BTR checks out US landmarks from the Washington Monument to Central Park, as well as the Vietnam War Memorial, the Brooklyn Bridge, and even the view from the top of the Empire State Building.
Graffiti can be seen almost everywhere in New York City, and can either intrigue or deter onlookers. It takes someone with a certain talent to create the beautiful wall pieces seen in some areas. Detailed murals, portraits, and colorful words pop up on almost every couple street corners.
Class Week - Business in Colorado is already booming after the legalization of marijuana, and now relevant classes are also available. At Green Labs in Denver you can take a “Cooking with Cannabis” class where, for $65, you can learn how to roll sushi and joints in one sitting.
It's that time of year: Girl Scout cookies are back! Here are our favorites.
PHOTOBLOG: Macy's Annual Flower Show beautifies Herald Square store.
Raw menu items are all the rage, but are they worth the hype?
Unprepared Week - BTR investigates the meaning and science behind the raw food diet.
Poetry in Unexpected Places launches instantaneous performances around NYC.
PHOTOBLOG: The Coffee & Tea Festival NYC brought tea, coffee, and treats from all over to the Big Apple.
Dish + Drink checks out the Vegetarian Food Festival at the Metropolitan Pavilion.
PHOTOBLOG: NYC held its fourth annual Vegetarian Food Festival this past weekend at the Metropolitan Pavilion.
Artists question and explore the fabricated and oversaturated nature of a digitalized society.
PHOTOBLOG: The significance walking can have is represented through this Central Park exhibit.
PHOTOBLOG: 'Gazing Globes' sculpture exhibition adds to wintery scene in Madison Square Park.
Don’t just take away meat, add new proteins.
Hacking Week - It doesn't need to be difficult or pricey to live a vegan lifestyle.
PHOTOBLOG: New York's puppy population is rockin' outerwear this winter.