Irish visual artist Eimearjean McCormack works with various media, including silkscreen printing, alternative photographic techniques, and innovative hybrids of such methods. She is currently earning an Master’s in graphic design.
Canadian visual sociologist Kyler Zeleny has amassed thousands of Polaroid photographs. Over 100 of them are displayed online, and the public is welcome to submit collecting flash-fiction submissions about the photographed people.
Photographer Nona Faustine poses nude before former New York City slave trading spots, calling attention to history’s enduring legacy. The Brooklyn-born artist has been bringing awareness to the city's roots in slavery within her latest self-portrait series, “White Shoes.”
Photographer Jen Rozenbaum breaks down stigmatized intimate images, teaching and encouraging women to embrace their sexuality and version of femininity. She chats with BTR about how she perceives boudoir.
Artist and Oregon State Professor Julie Green paints death-row inmates' last meals (or their requested last meals) on ceramic plates. She plans to continue the project, 'The Last Supper,' until the death penalty is abolished.