So what happens when a movie gets made by a robot? BTRtoday sits down with filmmaker Oscar Sharp and his collaborator Ross Goodwin to discuss.
The athletic exercise training program CrossFit emerged in the earlier 2000s and experienced an enormous boon in popularity, but it certainly has its physical downsides.
Combining the exercises and stretching of yoga, Pilates, and ballet, barre classes are growing in popularity.
Ladies and gentlemen, go-go listen to the Death Valley Girls! They're the L.A.-based band with all the loving tenderness of a buzz saw and a '60's-pop sound with a punk rock kick.
This is just a glimpse of what females in music deal with daily.
BTRtoday gives you the rundown of the three biggest presentations at the 2016 Electronic Entertainment Expo, from a slamming new Xbox to exciting developments in virtual reality experiences.
Campaign canvassing that aims to reduce voter prejudices toward transgender individuals appears to be working through conversation.
With half of American adults unmarried and 41 percent of children born into this dynamic, the paradigm is slowly shifting. BTR speaks to co-parenting advocate Dawn Pieke, and examines the myth of the nuclear family and the ways in which it is evolving.
Emilio D’Alessandro served as a personal assistant to film icon Stanley Kubrick for more than 30 years. BTRtoday takes a special look into what the world-renowned director was really like, and some of the most important lessons he imparted to his best friend.
Society repeatedly leaves bisexuality out of conversations surrounding human sexuality, often going to absurd lengths to rationalize people into the dichotomy of gay and straight.
Whether it's scaling imperial walkers, uploading viruses or dismantling walls, we always seem to break out of the machine. BTRtoday takes a look at some of the most ingenious ways humans have outsmarted robots in science fiction films.
BeAnotherLab is a collective of artists, programmers, neuroscientists, and social activists that uses VR technology to investigate human empathy.
Rey Pila is the adolescent child of Depeche Mode and David Bowie that was raised by wild Iggy Pop! This week we interview lead singer, Diego Solórzano and listen to their album "The Future Sugar."
Third party presidential candidates are as old as elections themselves, but the money and organization required to run an effective campaign make it almost impossible to compete.
Meet the one-of-a-kind band able to hit everybody somewhere deep down—no matter what genre of music they’re into. They’re called Bad Orb, and they’ll rock your world.
Welcome to the world of exclusive and boutique festivals! No more 100,000 people at a campsite and hour-long waits to get a beer. Smaller music festivals are for the true music lover.
London fitness club 1Rebel is rolling out a new program of high intensity spin classes on commuter buses.
What is film like from the perspective of the composer, who must tap into these very subtle mechanics, harness magic and elevate the craft? BTR speaks to indie film composer Keegan DeWitt on the body, mind and soul of a film.
Young men from the US were starved for six months to help experts decide how to treat victims of mass starvation in Europe--What transpired has informed discussions of food deprivation ever since.
Traveling solo is particularly important for women, if they have the means and opportunity. It’s also unsurprisingly complicated by gender, though by no means is it irrevocably ruined.
Meet Lou and Ben from Winstons, an NYC-based band that has only drums and guitars, accompanied by some heartbreaking rock’n’roll lyrics that are sure to get you movin’ and swoonin’!
BTRtoday speaks with Dr. David Hodson, co-author of a study regarding the effects of anti-diabetic medication activated by blue or ultraviolet light, potentially making drug treatment more efficient.
BTRtoday talks with the creator of New Jersey's “Bernie Man Festival,” a weekend event aimed at culling together a variety of musical performances, arts, and cultural events to promote presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.
Professional cycling is well known for its blood doping participants, but a recent discovery of tiny bicycle motors revisits questions of how far athletes will go for an advantage.
BTRtoday gets a first-hand account from Sarah Josey, who lives in a tiny home trailer for half of the year in the Alaskan wilderness with her husband Kael and their dog Sulley.
With America’s growing obesity problem, the lack of physical education in schools is disconcerting.
The wildest chicks heading the most badass band you’ll ever hear! This week we talk with Toronto-based band Dilly Dally about their big break, punk rock, and Lady Gaga.
Cosmologists, nuclear physicists, and philosophers gathered at the Hayden Planetarium last month to discuss the very real possibility that we all may live in one big complex computer simulation. Philosopher David Chalmers sat down with BTRtoday to discuss the implications of it all.
Zooniverse is a citizen science portal that harnesses the powers of the Internet and the human brain to help scientists tackle mountains of data that would otherwise take them decades.
On writing songs about oppression in taxis and why inspiration is a fickle bitch.
The overview effect is a cognitive shift in awareness commonly reported by astronauts, and it holds the key to a powerful emotion of awe that makes for a fulfilling life.
Wherever mankind goes, we tend to always leave a mess behind. Unfortunately, even space is no exception.
On the spirit of creation and singing beauty through the darkness of loss.
For the past few years, Japan’s population of workers has grown smaller and smaller while the percentage of retirees is becoming larger.
Mass bleaching as a result of climate change remains the most serious threat to the Great Barrier Reef. What does this mean for the reef and how can we fix it?
Grab your dad and your drugs, because on this week's Discovery Corner we're talking to the Brooklyn-based psych-punk band Acid Dad!
Taking a tiny bit of LSD once every three days may have the potential to ease anxiety and depression, increase productivity, and boost overall health. BTRtoday sits down with psychedelic guru Dr. James Fadiman to discuss this controversial practice.
BTRtoday talks with a Freudian expert, the company Send Your Friend A Penis Drawing, and a professional phallic artist to explore the baffling societal obsession of phallic imagery.
The Hydraulic Press Channel features nothing but videos of random things getting crushed by a hydraulic press. And it’s incredibly popular. BTRToday looks into the psychology of why we find destruction so satisfying.
If democracy is about protecting the minority, it should go without saying that the minority should not have to edit itself for fear of the government’s ear.
The Toronto-based band PUP is nothing like the cute puppies that appear when you search their name. They’re punk rock to the core, with raw and hard sounds to get the blood pumping.
SeaWorld’s momentous decision to stop breeding orcas in captivity marks a major change, and could potentially spark revisions in animal welfare across the boards. BTRtoday sits down with a leading orca expert to discuss the larger implications of SeaWorld’s recent announcement.
Experts weigh in on how exposure to beauty standards in other cultures through travel can help redeem people of their own false negative body perceptions.
Lee Rainie sits down with BTRtoday to discuss the impact that our increasingly connected lives has on both the individual and our society as a whole.
To suppress the outbreak, economically impoverished communities require access to basic infrastructure like clean, running water, proper sewage disposal, and seemingly simple things like air conditioning and screen doors.
Larger companies are co-opting the word “maple” and using it to sell products which do not contain the natural ingredient which they boast on their labels.
Developed in a lab in 1981, W-18 is a super-powered opioid unlike any encountered before.
Is name judgment contributing to racial and ethnic bias? BTRtoday speaks with experts to explore the issue.
Essential oils have been praised for thousands of years for their various healing properties. BTRtoday takes a closer look at their many versatile uses.
Luna Rose is a band that you just are really going to want to hang out with. A trio recently turned four piece, they play sweet sweet sounds and have a damn good time doing it. Check them out!
Bushwick's Sugarlift is creating a community friendly art space that offers events and access to affordable art.
On cocaine-fueled adventures in Miami and songwriting in the beautiful isolation of Upstate New York.
Despite its widespread prevalence, youth sports specialization has been found to hamper children’s athletic development, both physically and psychologically.
Women are taught to be the caretakers of creators, not creators themselves. Changing the status quo means changing what we expect of young women. It means expecting action.
What's a beach without some creeps? Say hello to the band Beech Creeps! A band consisting of some of the most creative and expert musicians ready to rock your ears off!
BTR explores why unrequited love is a real nightmare, and how to wake up.
Jennifer Dumpert is a writer, lecturer, and workshop leader who teaches an experience-based form of dream work that promotes exploration of consciousness and subconscious boundaries. She shares some of her projects with BTR, including mapping cities as dreamscapes and ingesting dream-stimulating oneirogens.
Dean Cercone is a self-proclaimed psychedelic dreamer, whose music will transcend you into another realm of chaos and color and drive you wild.
Refugee and Immigrant Fund creates positive spaces for asylum seekers to work through their relocation process. Their work displays a critical empathy that facilitates the healing process for individuals facing dire circumstances.
On learning to play the drums from a cop and the primordial nature of songwriting.
Improvisational comedy is based around the core principles of acceptance and positivity, and some psychologists and schools are using it to help treat social anxiety.
The Parisian music duo, Jo Wedin & Jean Felzine, have created beautiful music in the midst of terrorist attacks, a pretentious music scene, and language barriers.
A look at two culinary training organizations that improve the lives of homeless, jobless, and formerly incarcerated people.
Rojava, leftist enclave in the Middle East, is employing radical politics in day-to-day life. Read on to find out what historical and cultural conditions led to such a seemingly unlikely change.
On the art of songwriting through heartbreak and making it big on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.
NY Times Fitness columnist, Gretchen Reynolds, reveals to BTR the best science research for simplifying and improving daily workout.
This weekend, the stars of Broad City invited the public to help them paint a mural on the side of Kinfolk Bar in Williamsburg, BK.
BTR talks with the lead researcher of a two-and-a-half year study which investigated how safe Americans believe their personal information really is in the digital age.
This week BTR dives into the lives of some city boys, The Britanys, a NYC band that will make you want to crowd surf on your daily morning commute to work.
A look into nature’s ability to design the surreal landscape of the Three Parallel Rivers of China.
With the global success of the country's pop music genre, will a non-Korean K-Pop group still be able to succeed?
A look into the research by Dr. Esther Sternberg that rectifies the inextricable relationship between memories and our immune system.
This week's Discover Corner chats with Brooklyn based duo Lilly Wolf. They're dreamy, they're dark, and they've got the New York's underground music scene wrapped around their finger.
How an NPO operates on the principle of unconditional giving, and maybe so should you.  
Learn about the resilient journey of one Chinese physicist with a mission to test quantum mechanics to its ultimate limits.
More of BTR's talk with the executive director of Clowns Without Borders--an organization dedicated to offering humor as a means of psychological support to communities who have suffered from trauma.
BTR talks with the executive director of Clowns Without Borders--an organization dedicated to offering humor as a means of psychological support to communities who have suffered from trauma.
Exploring how far Americans will go in a quest for eternal youth, and what we sacrifice by doing so.
Part two of BTR's talk with the cofounder of the first church in the country to offer ancient and controversial psychedelic experiences to the public.
It's been quite a year for BTR! For this holiday, we've hand-picked the best photos from the past year for a featured Year-In-Review special.
BTR talks with the co-founder of the first church in the country to offer ancient and controversial psychedelic experiences to the public.
North Korea, one of the most oppressive countries in the modern global landscape, harnesses creative means to reinforce its power and nationalistic rhetoric.
Fanfiction represents limitless possibilities for writers looking to hone their skills. BTR chats with experts in the publishing industry to find out why.
In her new book “Just Keep Rowing,” the first woman to solo row across the Atlantic Ocean reflects on lessons learned for each of the 70 days it took her to cross.
Call it an attack on the bro, but the implementation of gym dress codes highlights the constant limitation of personal expression in women.
BTR catches up with Staten Island pop punk band, Everything Ever. They share some of their eclectic influences, which include Blink-182 and Alanis Morissette.