A huge story at the Times on the depths to which Facebook sank, and Trump calls to mobilize the opposition to antifa. photo by VOA News courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Molly Knefel comments on the establishment media's efforts to seem objective, which has led to targeting certain elected officials from the left and trying to draw equivalencies to the constant lies…
Malcolm Harris joins us to discuss how the 2008 crash turned millennials into socialists, and Morning John on the Unite the Right rally and the success of antifascist organizing. Malcom…
Looking at a fascist march in Oregon, police turning their weapons on Antifa, and Trump’s admission that the Trump Tower meeting was meant to get dirt on Hillary. 
Certain alt-right groups decry white nationalists but don't hesitate organizing with them.
Talking carefully about the reports that the shooter trained with a white supremacist group, and how the survivors are shaping the narrative. Also, all immigration bills fail in the Senate.
We talk with Shane Burley, author of “Fascism Today: What it is and how to end it.” Also, an article by a woman accusing Aziz Ansari of assault has led to a discussion that shows a lot of people…