MAMMOTH PENGUINS - Well, to me, this band is a soopagroop of past bands from Cambridge and London, featuring Emma Kupa from Standard Fare, Mark Boxall from The Puncture Repair Kit, and Tom Barden from LOADS of great bands, including The Pony Collaboration to name but one. I recorded a demo for Tom's first band, nearly 20 years ago, when he was just a puppy, so it was great to see him, and great to see Mark again, and also great to meet Emma for the first time.
HELLO BEAR - Today we have for you a welcome return visit from very poppy alt-punk-pop punky poppers, Hello Bear! Once a trio, now a quartet, featuring Mary, of "Hot Raisin" fame. Just you try to get these songs out of your brain once you've heard them! Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let's Radio!
DOG'S DINNER - Today's band sort of bring to mind a slightly ramshackle Shellac. Ramshellackle if you will.. They're already getting other radio play here in the UK, and picking up some good gigs at prestigeous venues, so keep an eye on them! Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let's Radio!
LEE GORDON - What a pleasure to have Lee Gordon in the studio for you today. We'd never met before, and it always makes a difference to the mood of a session when the "act" is nice. And it's also nice when they're appreciative of all the awesome vintage analogue equipment that we have and (attempt to) maintain. Check for details on his special gig at The Bicycle Shop in Norwich, UK. Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let's Radio!