Via Berlin is back with a brand new episode filled with new tunes and an exciting line-up. I’d like to introduce you to Suff Daddy, Berlin beat producer and dj, who loves to combine electronic music and instrumental hip hop. We’ll also take a look at new material from Matthias Zimmerman and Nicone, and we’ll dive into a new compilation called *Disco 2.0* which dedicates its sound to the good old 70’s disco era with new artist interpretations from Joakim, Bufiman or Tensnake.
The second May edition was put together with love and a particular fondness for more artsy, ambient sounds. Canadian mastermind Tim Hecker has just introduced his new album “Love Streams”, which we’ll check out. Besides that, Peter van Hoesen will be in the mix, Shakleton, Ame, Marcel Fengler, Kobosil, as well as the brilliant Berlin based Philip Glaeser, better known as Answer Code Request.
On splicing old tapes and removing sound frequencies one by one.
Today’s show features new material by wunderkind Moomin, we’ll check out two collaborations of soulmates Florian Kruse & Henrik Burkhard, one of which was just released on Poker Flat Recordings, Jan Blomqvist has finally released his debut and we’ll also take a closer look at Housemeister’s latest album.