BTR’s Matt Lehtola gives us the lowdown on CMJ 2014.
The show this week has a somewhat somber mood, but that’s ok because we all need those sometimes. So just tune in a tune out, this is the glitch.idm show/// .ed.
hey all! This week’s show is perfect for all you dudes and chickie-poos who need to get your stuff done! If you have a house to clean, this is for you. If you have leaves to rake, this is for you. If you have a Lego castle to build, this is for you. So get on it/// glitch-idm +e=d+
I was inspired by the recent re-attraction to pure IDM that has been bubbling up lately. So this week’s show is all about why this nerdiest of genres needs to make a comeback! Bust out your math equation t-shirts and glide-settings on your synth… This is glitch//idm _e^d_
I really think you’ll like this show! There was a cloud of haze over me when picking the tracks and putting it all together that I believe comes through pretty nicely here 🙂 So sit back and enjoy the ryd3/// glitch)(idm -e-d-
Super Old-School IDM this week! You know, every once in a while you just need to break out the pretty melodies and cruncy beats… So here we go, an hour of power and love, just for you/// glitch.idm -.._+ed+_..-