Neil Docherty joins us to discuss tonight’s new Frontline documentary, “In the Age of AI.” Also, leaked audio confirms horrific racist Richard Spencer is horrifically racist.
Samantha describes how she feels after finding out that one of her professors is part of an alt-right group on her campus. 1st Person is presented by Urban Outfitters. Music featured in the…
We spend the hour on two pieces about far right conservatism and youth. Make American Great Again photo courtesy of James McNellis via Wikimedia Commons
We talk with Elizabeth Leiter, producer of the new Frontline documentary “The Abortion Divide.” Also, a Buzzfeed story on a Breitbart writer who now disavows the alt right, and new tent cities in…
The Mueller report is 300 pages long with only a 4-page summary, Kirstjen Nielson wants to be able to deport unaccompanied minors, and why Ben Shapiro doesn’t want to be called Alt Right. Ben Shapiro photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons
Joe discusses Ben Shapiro’s triggered tweets and David Farenthold’s new WaPo story exploring Donald Trump’s bank fraud.
Joe discusses Joe Rogan’s appearance on Alex Jones’ show and how the comedian’s podcast is considered a gateway to far right personalities and ideology.