Joe revisits his interview with Alicia Walker about her study exploring penis size and self esteem, and how internet trolls forced her to cancel it.
YouTube thought that since I watched ContraPoints I’d love Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson.
The GOP invites the Proud Boys to their club in NYC, white men love Trump, the administration is weighing another round of family separation.
Unite The Right 2 & Covering White Supremacists w/ Rena Karefa-Johnson, Matt Ruby, & J. McVay. Winston Cook Wilson & J. on ‘We The Animals.’ Charles Hinshaw and J. on ‘BlacKkKlansman.’ A performance from Benjamin Jaffe’s upcoming BTR Live Studio session.
Certain alt-right groups decry white nationalists but don’t hesitate organizing with them.
Our top story picks for the week, from felines to feminism in sci-fi.
A researcher studying size and self-esteem was attacked by the internet’s most insecure trolls.
In Part III, Alicia Walker discusses her plans for future studies and the politicization of sex studies, particularly by conservative/far right leaning people.
This was quite a week. We saw how deeply flawed our immigration system is and how genuinely racist our leaders are. Check out our guide to helping in the migrant crisis, which includes donation…
Used almost exclusively by self-proclaimed Infowars alphas,“soy boy” is a term for men lacking masculine qualities.
Jordan Peterson and his men’s rights followers live in a fantasy world of anthropomorphized animals and magical beasts.
Joe discusses Michelle Goldberg’s NYT opinion piece about the left fueling the right. Unsurprisingly, he disagrees.
Richard Spencer looks like he’s wearing the weight of the world on his shoulders, and at least 20 extra pounds around his waist.
Joe discusses the intellectual dishonesty of the right using Kanye West’s support of Donald Trump as some sort of intellectual turning point.
The Infowars anchor’s conspiracy peddling landed him in a lawsuit with his boss.
The newest hero of the alt-right to slam diversity and fetishize masculinity hates, among other things, ‘Frozen’
The alt-right cult leader won’t stop spouting misogynistic bullshit. This time, he’s trying to save promiscuous women from becoming cat-owning spinsters.
The first of a two-part series on why Tucker Carlson’s news site’s race coverage is as bad, if not worse, than Breitbart
Why the alt-right loves the first black superhero movie. SPOILERS AHEAD
With an actress of Southeast Asian descent in a role with the word “American” in the title, a racist backlash takes seem inevitable.
In Part II, Taia and Joe discuss James O’Keefe’s book American Pravda, the tight-knit nature of the far right, and the information bubbles we find ourselves stuck in.
In the first part of their conversation, Taia and Joe recall attending James O’Keefe’s book launch party for America Pravda and discuss the disingenuous tactics of Project Veritas.
Two BTRtoday reporters infiltrate the alt right social event of the season