Though most Americans favor marijuana legalization, there are still those fighting vehemently against it.
Scott Chipman is back to discuss the social cost of marijuana use, and weighs the comparison between the marijuana and alcohol industries.
This episode of BreakThruTV is presented by Urban Outfitters… Everyone knows that keeping up with a busy social life can get expensive, especially when trying to wine and dine a potential mate. From happy hours to fancy dinners, the cost of those dates can really add up. Thankfully, Chelsea has some ideas for those of us who aren’t rolling in the dough. Songs featured in this episode: “Fading Lines” by Amber Arcades // “Eliza” by Anna Calvi // “Golden Girl” by Ladyhawke // “Steady” by Jel // “Acid Rain” by Robert DeLong // “Long Way Down” by Robert DeLong
Once every couple of weeks, Dish and Drink’s Rebecca Chodorkoff quits drinking. Later that same day, she usually changes her mind.
People get pretty creative with cocktail concoctions, including everything from creatures to breakfast leftovers to body parts in their drinks. BTRtv’s Chelsea White has a list of the 5 weirdest ones out there!