Al Franken
Stories of sexual misconduct by powerful men dominated the year.
Jesse Myerson is here to talk about how the GOP will use the tax bill to further cut Social Security and Medicare, and new info on Flynn’s side projects as National Security Advisor, and thoughts on…
Now we have one less liberal voice and a Republican Congress
Frontline’s Jezza Neumann joins us to discuss his updated Frontline documentary “Poor Kids,” about child poverty in the United States. Also, John is in the studio to discuss the latest…
A radio host accuses Al Franken of groping and harassment in 2006, a New York Times story details the amount of civilians killed in Iraq, and listener mail.
If Al Franken doesn't resign on his own, Democrats should demand him to.
Judge Gorsuch’s Senate confirmation hearing is underway, John on “Imperium,” a movie about an FBI agent infiltrating a white supremacist group, and more catch up on listener mail. Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons