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Baoku Moses is a Nigerian-born, Cincinnati-based artist specializing in African cultural performance and an Afro-beat musician, singer, songwriter, bandleader, and composer. As the leader of Baoku & The Image Afro-Beat Band, his exhilarating take on the genre is heavily inspired by the legendary Fela Kuti and is used to preach, teach, entertain and educate about the issues facing all of humanity.
Birds in Weather is a Brooklyn indie rock trio whose meteorological moniker is more than just an excuse to put birds on their artwork (though that does tend to happen). Comprised of a painter, an opera singer, and an alcohol distiller who were brought together by floods in both Brooklyn and Denmark, BiW craft dynamic, Velvety art-pop songs.
The ethos of Kalakuta Millionaires is very un-millionaire… and pretty darn awesome.
The Tablets is the music of Liz Godoy, whose background growing up as a dancer in Mexico and her time in the band The Fearsome Sparrow inspired her to work on music that is solely hers. Speckled with hints of Sixties pop, shoegaze, new wave, and lo-fi indie rock, her music is meticulously arranged (along with co-producer/bandmate Brenden Beu) and can happen live in any form from a duo up to seven musicians, varying from show to show.
The French afrobeat group that’s following in the footsteps of Fela on their home turf.
Bobby Long is originally from England, but left the open mics of London and has been living in New York City for long enough now that its influence has seeped into his life and music. It’s no accident, as this young songwriter studied American folk music and followed the voices of his heroes Hank Williams, Woody Guthrie, and Elliott Smith to the streets of their homeland — even using the late Smith’s guitar amp in recording his album. Here, we find him playing solo in a park, accompanied only by his faithful dog.
recorded in: Today I talk about new albums from Dirty Beaches and Wampire 00:00 Dentro 01:44 Latola talks Dirty Beaches 07:28 Berlin – Dirty Beaches 15:08 Latola talks Dirty Beaches 18:16 Love Is The Devil – Dirty Beaches 22:26 Latola talks Dirty Beaches 27:33 Elli – Dirty Beaches 30:48 I Dream In Neon – Dirty Beaches 34:28 Latola talks Wampire 40:46 Trains – Wampire 44:14 Latola talks Wampire 49:57 The Hearse – Wampire 54:35 Latola talks Wampire 58:19 Orchards – Wampire 62:21 Be Quiet Mt. Heart Attack! – Liars 65:49 Let’s Not Wrestle Mt. Heart Attack – Liars 70:21 A Visit From Drum – Liars 74:42 Finish (“Drifters / Love Is The Devil” art) Dirty Beaches live: 5/22 – Winterhur, Switzerland – Salzhaus 5/24 – Limoges, France – ccm John Lennon 5/25 – Paris, France – Saint-Ouen 5/26 – Lyon, France – Le Sonic 5/27 – Turin, Italy – Hotel Astoria 5/28 – Ravena, Italy – Hana Bi 5/29 – Rome, Italy – Circlo degli Artisti 5/30 – Milan, Italy – Video Sound Art Fetival 5/31 – Berlin, Germany – Festsaal Kreuzberg 6/5 – Hamburg, Germany – Hafenlang 6/6 – Koln, Germany – Reineke Fuchs 6/7 – Munich, Germany -Gallery Kullkcu 6/8 – Frankfurt, Germany – Zoom Club (“Curiosity” art) Wampire live: Jun 04    Club Congress w/ Starfucker in Tucson, AZ Jun 05    The Crescent Ballroom w/ Starfucker in Phoenix, AZ Jun 06    Launchpad w/ Starfucker in Albuquerque, NM Jun 08    Larimer Lounge in Denver, CO Jun 10    Urban Lounge w/ Starfucker in Salt Lake City, UT Jun 11    Knitting Factory Concert House w/ Starfucker in Reno, NV Jun 12    Fulton 55 w/ Starfucker in Fresno, CA Jun 13    Beauty Bar w/ Starfucker in Las Vegas, NV Jun 18    Shacklewell Arms in London, United Kingdom    Tickets Jun 20    Espace B in Paris, France Jun 21    MC Theatre w/ Ssion in Amsterdam, Netherlands Jun 22    Sommerloft in Berlin, Germany (“Drum’s Not Dead” art) Liars live: May 23 – la Cartonnerie, Reims, France May 24 – Bad Bon Kilbi Festival, Dudingen, Switzerland May 25 – Primavera Sound, Barcelona, Spain May 27 – Circolo Artisti, Rome, Italy May 28 – Interzona, Verona, Italy May 29 – Musica 90 Molodiciotto, Torino, Italy May 30 – Cabaret Aleatoire, Marseille, France Jun 1 – Optimus Primavera, Porto, Portugal Jun 5 – Stereolux, Nantes, France June 6 – Trabendo, Paris, France Jun 8 – The Haunt, Brighton, UK Jun 9 – Parklife Festival, Manchester, UK Jun 13 – Sonar Festival, Barcelona, Spain June 15 – Barby, Tel Aviv, Israel
Jesse Futerman. Fleet Foxes. Adze. Mountain Man. Mirror Kisses. Adventure. Wax Monsters. Wax Idols. Frankie Rose. Akron/Family. And more…
The Afrobeat blog shares a new video from the afrobeat artist Nikhil Yerawadekar and his band Low Mentality.
Jeff Beam is a young multi-instrumentalist songwriter from Portland, Maine. Crafting psych-rock inspired by the likes of The Beatles, The Flaming Lips, and Deerhunter, his colorful, experimental pop is striking, whether performed solo or with a full band. This is a performer who truly cares about his sounds, so much so that his latest release — which he openly describes as featuring “observations on humanity, existence, perception, and the attempt to find inner peace amidst a tumultuous outer world” — is available not just in the usual modern formats, but also in a mono cassette release with handmade artwork (which he notes sound slightly slower and lower in pitch). Previously seen in an episode of Serious Business on BTR, playing bass in The Milkman’s Union, Beam also accompanies Lady Lamb The Beekeeper for occasional live performances.
EMEFE is a lively 10-piece afro-rock band from New York City whose members boast some impressive history: Antibalas, Sharon Jones & the Dapkings, Soulive, Charles Bradley, TV on the Radio, Medeski Martin and Wood, etc. Their music is all about being free from worry and, with strong funk, soul, hip-hop, and rock influences in the mix, they also have a way of making audiences move. Here, packed into our studio, the group makes a great racket and chats with Maia about their band name and the philosophy behind the project.
Our DJs list their favorite albums that didn’t quite get the credit they deserved in 2012. Part Deux.
Our DJs list their favorite albums that didn’t quite get the credit they deserved in 2012.