This week, The Hash covers a new study, 'The Newsroom', and traveling with a significant other.
The Hash on BTR!
This week, The Hash covers how to handle first dates, a new dating app, and loving yourself.
This week, The Hash covers miscommunication, dating advice, and abusive relationships.
This week, The Hash covers Straight White Boys Texting, overbearing parents, and the bad boy stereotype.
This week, The Hash covers trigger warnings, phone etiquette, and high-waisted shorts.
The Hash covers 'Life Partners,' school dress codes, and a men's guide to not raping.
This week, The Hash talks 'Obvious Child,' personality tests, and fending off unwanted advances.
This week, The Hash covers a so-called sexual assault "guru," an article regarding Jennifer Lawrence's personal life, and the all-new dating app, LinkedUp.
This week on The Hash, DJs Molly and Dane discuss Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin's divorce announcement that was posted on her website, Goop. Then, the pair rip into a CBS article titled "Why You Shouldn't Report Sexual Harassment." The show wraps with a conversation about misogynists using patronizing nicknames for women.
This week on The Hash, DJs Molly and Dane rip into a Return of Kings article called "Most Women Don't Deserve a Good Man." Then, the pair chats about Sheryl Sandberg's #BanBossy campaign. Later, the show wraps with a discussion about white feminism and what it really means. You can find more BTR coverage of Ban Bossy on BTR Pulse and BreakThru News.
This week on The Hash, DJs Molly and Dane talk about realistic relationships in response to Cosmo's 10 Ways Movie Relationships Aren't Like Real Relationships. Then, the pair discuss what happened when Kevin Smith's misogynistic fan base reared its ugly head. The show wraps up with a conversation regarding rape culture and our children. Image by Molly Freeman. The Playlist: 00:00 Intro & Rundown 00:44 He Beloved the War - ASPE 01:11 What (Not) to Learn From RomComs - Realistic Relationships 14:23 Here it Comes - Painted Palms 14:58 Advice Time: Kevin Smith Reprimands Misogynists 24:16 Silver Timothy - Damien Jurado 24:40 Analyzing Stereotypes: Rape Culture Taught to Children 34:30 Outro 35:05 Finish The Music ASPE (Official Rage & the Roaming Way album art.) Painted Palms (Official Forever album art.) Live: March 11 - SXSW 2014 - Austin, TX Damien Jurado (Official Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son album art.) Live: Jan 21 - Arts Riot Studio - Burlington, VT Jan 23 - Brighton Music Hall - Allston, MA Jan 24 - The Bowery Ballroom - New York, NY