2016 election
Special cuts from Mickey Factz & Nottz, Arlo Maverick, Susanne Alt and Ras Beats.
Checking in on Standing Rock, Trump picks Tom Price for HHS, Trump's latest tweet storm, and checking in on David Clarke, Trump's possible pick for DHS.
We spend the hour on listener mail
Micah Uetricht on labor's role in the disastrous election, Trump inherits the drone program, and listener mail. Photo courtesy of Micah Uetricht
Sarah Jaffe on the Democrat's deadly error, Trump's bizarre 60 minutes interview, and Paul Ryan refers to contraception as a "nitty gritty detail." photo courtesy of Sarah Jaffe
This week, BTR went to protest the results of the 2016 presidential election in Columbus Circle, NY.
What resistance to Trump might look like, calls to give Trump a chance are misguided, and what the future of the Democratic Party looks like. Trump rally Photo by John Knefel
Trump has won. Photo via Wikimedia by Gage Skidmore
We spend election day sharing memories from the nightmare that was this campaign, and listener mail. Donald Trump Photo credit: Gage Skidmore Via Wikimedia
Comey says no charges against Clinton, a look at Trump-style behavior down ballot, and listener mail. Trump rally Photo credit: John Knefel
A male birth control study goes off the rails early on, and listener mail.
To the liberal among us, support for Donald Trump may feel inexplicable, but the frustrations he’s accentuated won’t quiet down anytime soon.
A dispatch from Trump's rally in New Hampshire, experts say Trump is a tax cheat, and listener mail.
Trump supporters warn of upcoming violence, a Second City cast member quits because audiences are racist, and listener mail.  
Trump hires a Koch Brothers huckster to run voter intimidation campaign, Democrats are turning against charter schools for the first time, and listener mail.  
New accusations surface of Trump's history of sexual assault and misconduct, and listener mail.  
What the debates have to say about Syria, Clinton's proposal to help those in extreme poverty, and listener mail.  
Continuing thoughts on the Trump tapes and the debate, Jeff Sessions and other Republicans say grabbing a woman's genitals isn't sexual assault, and listener mail.  
Frontline's Martin Smith joins us to discuss his new documentary Confronting ISIS, and thoughts on the second presidential debate.  
Bryce Covert joins us to discuss Donald Trump's tax returns, our analysis of the Vice Presidential debate, and listener mail.  
The New York Times obtains some of Trump's tax records from 1995, cast and crew from The Apprentice allege Trump made sexist comments regularly, and listener mail.  
Today we talk with Insidewire Sports own Sharee Graham about the state of the NFL. We talk about OBJ, Rex Ryan and of course Colin Kaepernick.
Looking at the first presidential debate through the lens of gender, race, and foreign policy.  
Frontline's Michael Kirk joins us to discuss his new film The Choice 2016, and listener mail.  
Today with our deep discussion we have music from Dynasty, DJ E-Clyps & Anya V & Torii Wolf. Shout out to King of Chill on the remix.
A nationwide manhunt is underway after bombs explode in New York and New Jersey, Chris Christie lies about Trump's birtherism, and David Brooks has some thoughts about Kaepernick's protest.  
Wayne Ski provides clarity on more unity between the people. Show features music from Bumpy Knuckles, Pre$$ha Dinero & more.
Trump's half-baked family leave plan, and listener mail.  
Neither candidate challenges the premise of the forever war, and listener mail.  
Wayne Ski speaks on the Kaepernick events, check new music from Pre$$ha Dinero and Torii Wolf.
Trump's incoherent immigration speech, reviewing a defense of Obama's foreign policy.  
Gawker was killed by a billionaire, the politics of a body shaming Trump statue, and listener mail.  
We chat with Todd Seavey about the core principles of libertarianism and get a glimpse into what a libertarian society might look like.
Thoughts on the Woke Toddler, the Obama administration’s failure to close Guantanamo Bay, and listener mail.  
We can’t stop going through all the listener mail.  
We spend the hour on listener mail.  
Jesse Myerson joins us to discuss a federal jobs guarantee, and listener mail.  
Nelini Stamp joins us to discuss the Shut Down City Hall action in NYC, Trump hints that gun owners could assassinate Hillary Clinton, and listener mail.   Photo credit: Courtesy of Nelini Stamp
The Movement for Black Lives calls for a moratorium on charter schools, 50 Republican foreign policy elites come out against Trump, and listener mail.   Photo credit: via Wikimedia
Trump humiliates a mother with a crying baby, the terrifying prospect of nuclear war, and Bratton’s legacy of Broken Windows policing as NYPD police commissioner.   Photo credit: Wikimedia
00:00 Welcome to Radio Dispatch 00:28 Molly’s back 10:00 The cynical DNC 50:00 The media embraces the Khan family 59:48 “Tiny” Dinosaur Jr / Credits 61:04 Finish
Peter Cole joins us to discuss the differences between Hillary Clinton and FDR, and Molly calls in to discuss education reform in Philly.   Photo credit: Courtesy of Peter Cole.
Molly joins us to discuss Day 3 of the DNC in Philly, and listener mail. Photo credit: Molly Knefel
00:00 Welcome to Radio Dispatch 00:28 Big five years it's been 15:56 Molly on DNC Day 1 48:00 Listener mail 59:24 Going Down / Credits - Dinosaur Jr 60:30 Finish
Molly calls in to give her thoughts on the RNC and the beginning of the DNC, and listener mail. Photo credit: John Knefel
We spend the hour catching up on listener mail.
Our coverage of Day 2 of the RNC, and listener mail.
Day one of the RNC, and listener mail.
The United States and Russia are in talks to coordinate in Syria, Trump picks his VP, and listener mail.
New polls show Clinton and Trump in a dead heat, more thoughts on how little we spend on early child care, and listener mail.
Katie Klabusich joins us to discuss her new automated transcription service, the bizarre world of Trump-inspired white identity politics, and listener mail.
Trump's campaign has raised virtually no money, the best book so far on the Syrian revolution, and listener mail.
Jim Naureckas joins us to discuss coverage of Trump and Clinton, gun control after Orlando, and listener mail.
We spend the hour on the shooting in Orlando.
Some thoughts on the Democratic primary, and listener mail.
Anti-Trump protesters throw eggs at Trump supporters in Anaheim, Trump's contempt for the judiciary signals his latent fascism, and listener mail.
The State Department's Inspector General issues a scathing report on Clinton's private emails, Conservatives worry about a left schism in education reform, and listener mail.
The parallels between Trump and abusive partners, a book review of the Blood Telegram, and listener mail.
The GOP begins to fall in line behind Trump, examining the parallels between Trump and abusers, and anxiety around basketball courts in wealthy areas of Brooklyn.
Janelle Asselin joins us to discuss queer and feminist romance comics, and Donald Trump and women.
Clinton releases a plan to cap child care costs, marijuana arrests of people of color are up in Colorado, and listener mail.
Is the decision not to vote becoming a legitimate act of protest, Clinton tries to woo Republicans turned off by Trump, and listener mail.
Trump all but locks up the nomination, Sanders wins in Indiana, and the terrifying implications of the war on terror under Trump or Clinton.
Thoughts on an essay about smug liberals.
An Oklahoma appeals court makes a shocking ruling in a sexual assault case, Obama's legacy of barely authorized war, and listener mail.
Sunnis in Iraq are stuck between ISIS and the government, Kasich and Cruz form an alliance to stop Trump, and listener mail.
Clinton and Trump win in New York, and listener mail.
Sanders and Clinton debate in Brooklyn, and listener mail.
Bill Clinton scolds Black Lives Matter, the European Union and Turkey leave thousands of refugees in dire conditions, and listener mail.
Sanders and Cruz win in Wisconsin, John's story on chemical weapons use in Syria, and Trump's private security company.
Jesse Myerson joins us to discuss Bernie Sander's old school Jewishness, how to talk about Trump with kids, using big data in the war on terror, and listener mail about Soylent.
Donald Trump's plans for nuclear proliferation are terrifying, he also doubled down on Corey Lewandowski, and listener mail.
Trump and his supporters escalate violence against protesters, and listener mail.
Sanders wins big in Michigan as Trump hosts an infomercial, a look at how Trump's bullying is not that different from regular bullying, and Preet Bharara and DOJ fail to indict cop who killed Ramarley Graham.
Trump escalates his crackdown on protesters at his rallies, elite schools in NYC remain segregated but the city signs a progressive bathroom bill, and listener mail.
The various lies politicians tell about Guantanamo, the rise of self-induced abortions, and listener mail.
Ned Resnikoff on how millennials could lean towards fascism, some in GOP start to warm to Trump, and listener mail.
Trump and Clinton win big on Super Tuesday, and listen mail.
30 black students are removed from a Trump rally in Georgia, Tucker Carlson is the leading edge of defending Trump and the KKK, and listener mail.
Trump's supporters are terrifyingly and explicitly racist, gaming out a Trump versus Clinton general election, and listener mail.
Mike Konczal joins us to discuss the financial regulation ideas put forward by Clinton and Sanders, and listener mail.
Eva Moskowitz responds to damning undercover video of a Success Academy teacher, Jeb Bush tweets a photo of a gun with his name on it, and listener mail.
Sarah Kay joins us to discuss the continuing state of emergency in France, Kissinger takes center stage at the Democratic debate, and listener mail.
Mike Ludwig on fracking off the coast of California, more thoughts on Coates and Alexander on the Democratic primary, and the horror of Aleppo.
Seth Freed Wessler joins us to discuss the immigrants who died in private US prisons, and Sanders and Trump win New Hampshire primaries.
Evan Siegfried joins us to discuss the Republican primary, the rise of riot-control drones, and listener mail.
Jesse Myerson joins us to discuss the statistical tie between Clinton and Sanders at the Iowa Caucus, and listener mail.
Art Reyes joins us to discuss Flint's water crisis, the Trump-free debate, and listener mail.
The importance of arguing in favor of reparations, and listener mail.
Critiquing Sanders and Clinton on reparations, modern day red baiting, Sanders and Israel, and listener mail.