Going out strong for 2014! This week's show is a good mind cleanser. So chill out and defrag your life. it's the glitch.idm showwwwww/// [|||__ed__|||]
Got on a roll this week! Have you ever had moments of clarity where your path is completely illuminated? The track selection on this one is pretty ridiculous! So enjoy/// glitch.idm 00ooedoo00
Making it happen this week! As we enter into Winter and leave Fall behind, we bring you a nice and warm show to keep to focused and comfy. So grab your favorite flannel pajama pants and make a hot tea... This is the glitch/idm show!
Yes! I'm feeling like this is a pretty great show this week... We're gonna talk about all sorts of altruisms and fulfillment.
Welcome to voice of the voiceless! This week's show is all about going BIG and subtle. So invest an hour and let your mind take you where ever it wants to go... This is the glitch.idm show/////
Here we go! Great show this week... It's overall pretty fun and easy to get into. So come on, and let's do this/// ]glitch.idm[ --_ed_--
6 Years Old Today!!! Oh yeah baby... feeling the love and staying-power of music for nerds. So thank you all for being with us this long, and feeling the raw emotion each week. Alright, let's get it/// glitch.idm @@@ed@@@
This week marks the beginning of a new month, and in honor of the future unknown we are dropping a mystery show! (I just made this up so go along with it...) In an extremely sleepy and mind-melting state I decided to prepare for today and now have no idea what tracks were picked. So we are just going to play them in the order they were selected and see what happens! OK, here we go/// glitch.idm )))))ed(((((
This is a really awesome show this week!!! I guess I was on some sort of Fall-time high because the selected tracks are all pretty tight. So light up your pumpkin spice candles and settle in. This is the glitch.idm show-/|-_| {}{.}{}ed[][.][]
Yo! I'm really feeling the show this week. It's a little weird at moments, upbeat at others, and all around superfantastic! So let's add another audio experience to your autobiography... It's the Glitch/IDM showwwwwwwwwwwwwwww/// `**-ed-**`
The show this week has a somewhat somber mood, but that's ok because we all need those sometimes. So just tune in a tune out, this is the glitch.idm show/// .ed.
hey all! This week's show is perfect for all you dudes and chickie-poos who need to get your stuff done! If you have a house to clean, this is for you. If you have leaves to rake, this is for you. If you have a Lego castle to build, this is for you. So get on it/// glitch-idm +e=d+
I was inspired by the recent re-attraction to pure IDM that has been bubbling up lately. So this week's show is all about why this nerdiest of genres needs to make a comeback! Bust out your math equation t-shirts and glide-settings on your synth... This is glitch//idm _e^d_
I really think you'll like this show! There was a cloud of haze over me when picking the tracks and putting it all together that I believe comes through pretty nicely here :) So sit back and enjoy the ryd3/// glitch)(idm -e-d-
Super Old-School IDM this week! You know, every once in a while you just need to break out the pretty melodies and cruncy beats... So here we go, an hour of power and love, just for you/// glitch.idm -.._+ed+_..-
Hey homies! This week's show is all about weirdness and awkward moments that you secretly love and enjoy... So strap on your thinking caps, cause it's one for the heads. here we go/////////////// glitch.idm ))o((||ed||))o((
Labor Day! so let's chill with some goofy-ass beats and melodies/// It's the Glitch/IDM showwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. (())ed(())
Woo! Awesome show this week, bouncing some acid, some idm, some fresh freshness and more/// So let's just do it and do iiiiit. glitch/idm radio is on--- !!)ed(!!
We are channeling the wisdom of the mountains this week! On this show we're bringing a mixture of hard and vast, of awareness and simplicity, of oneness and connection... So find a comfortable place to chill for a bit cause, we got you/// glitch.idm @@ed@@
Hey yoooooooooooo! This week we are getting deep in some sweaty glitched-out beatness. Melodies abound, and thoughts to ponder... So let's get it in/// _glitch.idm_ `'::ed::>
Cool show this week! This is one of those ones that makes you feel like you should be surfing and chillin' with your bros and broettes till dawn. So come get these icy summer vibes/// Glitch:::Idm `_ed_`
Flippin' back on you this week! A little on-location action from my hometown, Pittsburgh, PA! So I hope y'all can pick up the grimey love vibes we're spewing. Let's do it! glitch.[].idm ed/
Big BIG SHow! Hey everybody, ok so this week the show jumps around a lot. So if you find yourself in a uneasy state-of-being just wait a sec, cause we'll flip it on you, for real/// So let's do this... glitch()idm _|ed|_
Feel that thick, moist, hot summer air... The show this week is for all the melted tubes of chapstick in your car, it's for the fogged up glasses and mystical lightning bugs in jars. So go find a hammock and a cool drink. This is the Glitch/IDM shoooowwwoowwowowo.-_ *&&*ed*&&*
Just a smooth show this week....... We are feeling good so far this summer, and this is a perfect one for loungin' at the pool or kickin' it with some friends. So feel the warm love glitch.idm -_+=°ed°=+_-
YEEEEAAAAaaaaaHHahhhh! Super pumped up this week, we have a ton of cool-ass tracks to play, experiences to share, and love to spread... So get it in/// it's the glitch.idm shoWWW _iIlL_ed_LlIi_
Summer is here!!!!!!!! The show this week is on that road-trip tip. So check your tires, get that oil changed, and let's go./ glitch=idm o0O°ed°O0o
Big floppy donkey show this week! I'm really feeling the tracks on this one, we have a mix super technical IDM nerd stuff, mixed with in-your-face melodic melt-down jams! So let's gooooooooooooooooo- Glitch.IDM &&&ed&&&
First-of-the-month jam party! Summer is one the verge of exploding, so this week we are easing into it with a collection of completely random tuneage. So jump on it. do it. )Glitch/IDM( --***ed***--
Here it is! The show this week weaves in and out of super chill, goofy, weird, mind-melting and just all around nerdy... So get into it/// it's the Glitch/IDM showwwwwwwwww. $**ed**$
Big MASSIVE show today! This week we are celebrating our 300th episode here at Glitch/IDM central. The mood is set, and the lights are low... so let's go!!! Gltich/IDM --- '300ed300''
Yeah! Just a cool show today, we're dropping it low, slow, and sometimes bringing it back up for air. So let's do this. it's the Glitch/IDM show, FOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ''~~ed~~''
Yeeeeeahhhh! I think you're going to dig the show this week. We have a fairly eclectic mix of weird, fun, and wall-rattling beats. So get into it's the Glitch/Idm show (--) }{ed}{
Booty Rockin! This week on the show we are diving into a mix of super party-fun tracks and some deep contemplative, yet happy, stuff. So come along/// it's..................... the Glitch/IDM showwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! #ed#
WAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Today is my favorite day of the year. it's...... Candy Monday!!! So go get loaded up and have a good time. glitch/idm %%ed%%
Yeah! Great show this week, I think you'll really dig it. There's enough excitement and switch-up to keep y'all entertained and in the moment. So saddle up! it's the glitch/idm show/// ```ed```
Let's get it in... So my life has expanded yet another year, and to celebrate we are going nuts today!!! Light up a candle and enjoy, this is the Glitch/IDM showwwwwwwwwwwwwww...__ o%ed%o
Blazin' through the unknown this week! Yes, as we get closer to reaching our 300th show (and also my birthday) I take time to reflect on life and stuff and things... So come on out and get with us!!!!!!! it's Glitch/IDM ==}}}--- v^*ed*^v
Springgggggg! Let it ring. This week on the show we have huge and bouncey synths mixed with your favorite blend of crunchy and off the wall beats. So gather'round, and get down. this is the Glitch/IDM show!!! /// }+ed+{
YEAH! Awesome show this week. I promise. I wasn't sure which direction to take this one on, so it bounces around a bit. But I think you'll be with us! ok, let's goooooooooo: Glitch/IDM )*ed*(
Yeah! Big groovy show this week. Ok, so we have a pretty good mix going on this one, with some nice old head knoddin' tracks, all mixed up with some 8-bit madness and techy weirdo shizzz. So let's get to it/// Glitch^^^IDM ~~~ed```
I'm feeling really good about the show this week... We got some upbeat tunes, a little mental floss, and a ton of squelchy bass; all the stuff you love, and me! So come along for this mini-journey into the mind, on[] The Glitch/IDM SHOWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! **ed*&
This week on the show we are gonna get a little odd.
Welcome to the 3rd installement of our "Intense, yet Delicate and Strong" three-part series. This week on the show we're dropping some newness mixed with a few tracks I had never heard before, all from a few of my favorite nerds. So come on out and get with it! this is the Glitch/IDM showwwwwwwwwwwwwwww... ??ed??
Hey everyone! Welcome back; the show this week is going to be the 'part 2' of last week's 'part 1'. Which basically means more slow, beat heavy, glitched out flowing tracks. Other than that, we'll talk about the usual events in the life saga. So let's go/// |Glitch||IDM| ed
Big, BIG show this week! Ok, so on this edition of the Glitch/IDM show we are bringing out the bass-heavy, swamp tunes. Other than that, we'll talk about lone travels and distant lands... So let's do this!!! |.ed.|
Hello... OK, so on this week's show we are bringing it down just a few notches. Playing longer and more contemplative tracks, to give your mind a chance to wander and wonder. So ease on in, cause it's time. ~Glitch/IDM~ .ed
This week we are expanding the IDM forcefield, bringing out the melodic wonder, and beating ourselves to a new enlightenment. Other than that... It's fun and cheery times as usualy. We may even talk about some randomness. So let's go!!! ***glitch/idm+++ @ed@
This week! Alright, so on this one we're gonna take a nice warm digital bath, of love... All tracks are pretty deep, pleasant and should help bring you back from the cold, so turn it up, and take the IDM plunge/// ]ed[
Here We Go! First show of 2014, and my last show out of Pittsburgh before I go back to Nashville... I'm a big believer that while many other people see the beginning of the year as a time to really push and start new things, I think it's best to use this time to relax and reflect. Getting ready for what is about to come, mentally and emotionally. So this show is a little deeper and for your mind's many processes and renewalisms. -glitch/idm-