Oh yesssss! So here we go, another year for the books and another new future to aim for. I decided that rather than pump up the jams and get you all hyped for 2013, I would just bring it down a few notches and put out a nice, pleasant show. Hopefully you can put this on while your sewing up your party suit. Have fun, and be safe!
Did the world end? Well, we survived another one. So in honor of that, and of the happy holiday festivities being felt around the world, this weeks Glitch/DM show brings you peace, harmony and warmth to your ears. So let's get all glitched up and break out the eggnog...
Come along! Ok this week we're having fun, but chillin' out at the same time. Turn it up and hug a loved one! Glitch/DM
Getting it done big this week! OK so the show is pretty moody but with a nice little funk that runs throughout. So I think you'll enjoy it, and hopefully it brings you to a nice and special place to prepare for the bigness that is December 2012!!! Glitch/DM
We're getting crazy this week! So to give you a little idea of what's to come; its gonna start off pretty chill, and then it'll be like travelling down a winding road with the occasional deer or cow in your way. So enjoy! and turn it uppp... Glitch/DM -ed-
We're gonna get all cyberrr'd out today! So join me for some early 90s-sounding IDM and some future beatisms. Glitch/DM, bringin' on the stomachaches.
Back in action!!! Welcome back to the new and super improved Glitch/DM show. This week will be more of the awesome and fun love you have grown to adore about us :) so kick back and put your feet up, cause here comes your happy ending!
The show this week is hard as hell. Well, half of it is anyways, so that should be good enough for the heads! Ok, enjoy. and kaboom! Glitch/DM
Feeling a little more on the glitchy side this week. Also, celebrating the 10 year anniversary of one of my favorite experimental electronic records, ever! Dino Felipe's "I'm You", which I was lucky enough to have been around for when we was making those tunes. It's really an unknown classic. go. now.
I really like the show today. and not Just because I'm on it, but because the music is really good! So no real theme, except maybe life and love? Let's come together as one...
Totally rad, other-worldly show this week! OK, so in honor of the awesome and amazing New Zealand, we have put together a huge show of cold, hard beats. This one is going to get super glitchy and technical. So here. we. go.!.
Keeping it real this week. The mood on the show today is going to be on a preparation-tip. This is a good one to go out and get things done to. Finish cleaning, do some pushups, solve that equation... what ever!
Big Swaying Synths on the show today! This'll be a fun one, complete with new stuff from DAT Politics and all kinds of other happy party-time tunes! So sit back, relax, and get ready for the bleeps and bloops...
Another awesome show this week! Bringing the noise and the love that only the glitchiest of artists can provide, we'll take you down the wormhole of happiness and spit you out into a tranquil paradise of the past. All, right here, right now...
The show is actually better than I planned this week! Not that I planned on it being bad or anything, but I was just collection tracks kind of at random, but it is all seeming to work out perfectly. So take the emotional plunge with us and feel the grit. Ok, do it. Glitch/DM...
Awwww yeah. We went hunting this past week and found a whole bunch of new artists and new tunes that were on the mind-bending side of IDM and Glitch. But it's definitely also a family fun night style of a show too. So bust out your board games and get the sweet tea, because we're about to go on an adventure that will last you, at least an hour...
At first I wasn't sure how the show was going to work out this week because I was realizing all of the tracks we picked we of completely different moods. But then, like a great game of Tetris, we were able to put the puzzle pieces together and create and awesome, flowing show! So enjoy and feel loved.
We got a moody show this week. But in a good way, not that lame, overly emotional moody. It's almost like we are in a dream that takes place in 1993 and 2045 at the same time... Think about it.
Welcome back! This week on the show we're focusing on that new school ish. So get out your calculator, cause it's gonna get tricky in here! Glitch/DM loves you.
I'm pretty excited about the show today. We have a lot of new school IDM type of stuff that mixes the heavy beats with the right amount of glitchiness and melodic flavor to keep you in the groove. I'm not totally sure what setting to suggest, so it maybe best just to get in your car, turn this up and drive somewhere that makes you feel happy?
Really cool show this week! So over the last week I have been doing some heavy digging, and was able to find a few new artists to add to the Glitch/DM repertoire. This should open up things nicely over here (and in your ears). Because of that, the show is a little bonkers this time. One minute you will be chunkin' and funkin' and the next you will be soothin' groovin'. Let's do this!
Welcome Back! This week's show is gonna be big! All kinds of music to make you feel way cooler than the other people in your town. Also, we'll talk about bees and things and flowers... So let's get going!.!.! Glitch/DM -ed-
Mondayyyyy! If you are anything like me, Mondays are nothing special and really just like any other day; except for the fact that they are simultaniously better than every other day because of the Glitch/DM show! That being stated, I do want to point out that the show this week is extra amazing and should probably be listened to somewhere that has actual speakers. But if you are just jamming out on your lappy or if you're jogging and have your phone crankin' some hits, that is fine too. As long as you can get down... let's do this!
Lazy, rainy Sunday show. Just what you were looking for? I hope you guys will love the show this week, cause I am really pumped about it (but in a totally relaxed way). So come along! fall into a sea of warmth and sun drips.
Pumpin' out the tunage this week! Keeping on track with last week's show, we are going to pound out some heavy IDM action on this one. So if you love some ballsy beats and angelic melodies, this hour's for you! Kick back, and get your head-nodding muscles warmed up. This is Glitch/IDM.
The show will be awesome this week. I promise. We even enlisted the help of our good friend, the computer voice, so you guys can feel like you were transported into the 1990s. So kick back, and relax, this is going to be a super IDMy show. just for you!
Take a deep dive into the abyss of the Summer heat... The show this week is dedicated to that glorious wonder that is the Pool Party. Well, my interpretation of what music at a pool party would be like?! So grab some water balloons, watermelon, and come along!
Feeling the heat this week! This show reminds me of cookouts and summer vacations. As in every show we will attempt to inspire and at the very least, crawl into your brain and plant the seed. So crab a can of orange or grape soda, break out the slip-n-slide and turn up the tunes!!!
Welcome to the grand 200th episode of Glitch/DM!!! The show this week is going to focus on everything and every style. I recommend the best way to listen is to draw yourself a nice warm bubble bath and just drift away... So come along, let's do this! 00:00 DJ Skymall 01:08 While My Cock Gently Sweeps – Com.A 04:55 Unicorn Suplex – Slugabed 07:53 Lucky Connor – Cristian Vogel 11:57 Gearknot Cherry - Mouse on Mars 14:48 This Time Last Year – Chocolate Girl 17:50 50actionexpress - Dorine Muraille 21:47 Afrika Gem – Pavan 24:06 Somno - Last Step 27:03 Love 2 Nite - Roska 32:29 All I Could Think Of - Leaf Cutter John 35:56 Kyoto Station 6PM – Phon.o 39:28 Realize You Are Living Dead - Himuro 42:50 Lulla - Tadd Mullinix 48:07 Sheep Dip – Quinoline Yellow 52:49 Caves of Paradise - Actress 55:11 Omsk - Komet 60:00 Finish Roska . photo by Fraser Brown Jul 05 2012  @  MERTON FARM  Canterbury, UK Jul 13 2012  @  FABRIC  London, UK Slugabed . photo by Richard Herbert Jun 21 2012  @  BANK OF STOKES CROFT  Bristol, UK Jun 22 2012  @  STARA RZEZNIA  Poznan, Poland Phon.o . photo by Marco Microbi Jul 13 2012  @  MELT! FESTIVAL  Grafenhainichen, Germany Cristian Vogel . photo by MissNae
We are just getting back to it this week.  So for episode 199 of the Glitch/DM show we decided that there are no themes or main ideas to get across but instead we're just gonna play some moody jams that you'll love.  Go grab your Italian Creme Sodas and come cool off. this is glitch time...
On Glitch/DM this week we go back and remember the nerdy electronic tunes of yore. The meticulous melodies and broken beats will fill your ears and your soul with all kinds of good stuff!
Welcome back to Glitch/DM this week. This one has some moods going on, all of which are heavy and full of wonder. So fire up the grill and pump up the volume.
The show this week is for the middle-brained people, with too much time on their hands, too much freedom to acheive, and too much sound to embrace. This is the kind of show that lends well to doing, as opposed to stagnation. So come on in; it's nice and warm...
So we decided to turn up the bass and turn down the emotional melodic butterfly tunes on this one. I know you'll like it because, well, I like it! and you seem like a person who could get down with some cool shit.
Yeah! The show this week is going to be all kinds of sweet. I got some new Squarepusher for ya, plus other new tunes from all your favorite IDMy nerds... Finally, we talk about some hard truths of life and overcoming frustration. So come on in, grab your snuggy and go!
The show this week is all about Newness. The newness of feeling, the newness of sound, the newness of you and I! So let's get happily involved together and be on our way to New, Better, and Forever!
Welcome back homies! The show this week is a dreamy, swirly hour of IDM goodness. Big heavy melodies are abound and Acid basslines are innevitable. So strap into your spaceshuttle and throw on NOVA specials from the 80s. This is the Glitch/DM show!!!
Here we go again! So this week's show is pretty fantastic. Just enough weird for the freaks, thump for the heads, and bleep for the nerds. So get your life together and come on out.
The show this week is on some real deal IDM stuff. So if you dig the big crunching beats and intense arpegiated melodies, then I think you'll dig this one. Of course we keep it interesting, bouncy and bassy, so don't worry that it's going to be all emotional city.
Feelin' damn good this week, and I intend on passing along the extra smiles to you all! We've been branching out quite a bit lately to find new artists for the show. So far it has been working quite well as this week's show will indicate. So stay tuned for more greatness.
Getting’ hard this week. This is one of those shows that if you were driving around and blasting out of your car stereo, other people would look at you and at first have that “what the hell is that dude listening to?” look on their faces, which would quickly turn into looks of “oh, OK. I get it, he’s a total badass!”. So get with it and see what the wackiness is all about!
Feel the power! of this week’s show. This is going to be one of those drop-down, bass rollin’, bottom feeding shows. I highly suggest running your smart phone through your car stereo so you can absorb the hertz’s/
So what is up with the show this week? Well, the beats they are abound, the glitchy crunch is prevalent, and the melodies are mind molding machines of meandering messiness.
I like the show this week. It’s pretty intense yet soothing at the same time. So be ready to get well into it and dance, shuffle or meditate your way through. The Glitch/DM don’t stop!
I’m feelin’ the show this week. While I sit here and look out on the wet streets and drizzling rain I can’t help remember the long days and nights I had while living down in Miami, the original home of glitch and IDM… So the show this week will bring out those feelings and hopefully I can take you down, to the bottom.
Welcome back everyone! This week’s show is pretty tight, so if you had any doubts then know that I’m not mad, just disappointed…
We will take you there this week! Ok so big things happening here at the Glitch/DM show recently, but in really subtle ways. So to bring that across to you, we have a super chill show that is still really involved but on a microscopic level; so my best advice to just put it on and go about your day.
Awesome! Cool! Taffy! All words that come to mind when listening to this weeks show. You’ll notice a little bit of a change from the past ones, but in a good way. So kick it old school and get back to the early 2000s, when life was, just simpler…
Hey all! Welcome back to another fine edition of the Glitch/DM show. This week we are feeling a little unstable and nice. I think this show lies somewhere between a good one to drive to, and a good one to lie down on the carpet to. So figure out your favorite place to hear such awesomeness and get going!
Hey guys, welcome back to the Glitch/IDM show. This week we will fall off the edge of a gritty cliff and out onto the floor of awesomeness. I tracked down the new Oval record “OvalDNA”, finally, and will play a couple songs from that. It’s really damn good, so be prepared. Also keeping with the hippity hop stylings of the past few shows, the groove will be strong with this one.
Totally groovin’ show this week! So I was able to get out there and find some really new stuff to play for this one AND life in general is just feeling pretty damn refreshed and pumpin. So to express that better I picked out a few bass heavy tunage that is sure to rattle your laptop speakers like no other.
Continuing on with the good vibes this week! It starts slow and low, and then we bring you through a little coaster-ride of fantasy and futureness. We’re doing alright over here at Glitch/DM headquarters so the only logical thing to do is pay it forward.
So this is it, we are already one day into the new year, 2012 and it feels like a good one. So what better way to start it off than a really solid Glitch/IDM show? This week is definitely more glitchy but still with a little nod to the hip hopping backpackers amongst us. Please relax and enjoy.