This is the Pre-Game-for-New-Years-Show! It has enough kick drum pounding and filter sweeps to fill up your week. So tap your foot and go buy a case of caffeine. This is the One and Last Glitch/IDM of 2011. Just for you and yours.
Hope you’re smiling out there today! Some of you may rushing to get things done around the house or at work, but let’s take an hour and just relax… Glitch/IDM style! Get ready for another awesome show, from us to y’all.
This week we recover from painful injuries and perfect weather. So come get some! The IDM is freely flowing and emotions are running high… This one is for you!
Please come along with us this week as we take an icy ride through the snow and wind till we end our adventure in the deepest section of your dreams! This is an awesome show, now you just need some good food to go along with it. May I suggest something peanut butter filled?
Come on in! The Glitch/IDM show this week is filled with all kinds of food-music analogies (just like your belly) and we are feeling good. It may get weird a few times during the show, but that is what you love about us! So sit back and take it all in.
This one is for the ladies. Not too much else to say, other than you may feel a slight tingling on your neck or the back of your knees. So here we go! And try to keep up…
OK, dudes and dudattas, this week we are going hard! But that fun side of hard that makes you smile and hopefully brightens your day. So let’s chill out together and let it rip.
Hey! Ok so the show this week is going to be all about longer type songs that need to air out and breathe a little bit. So before you make up your mind that you hate songs longer than 3 minutes, just sit down and trust me. You’ll like this one! Ok, well lets go and get long.
Happy Halloween!!! Hopefully everyone out there is feeling super scary today. The show this week is nice and groovy; a good compliment to the amazing nights to come. So get into it, get with it and get creepy.
Hey guys! Let’s get bumpin’ today. The show this week deals with some deep issues like how pretty it is outside and being old but only relatively… So make sure you mind is right and let’s do this!
So the show this week will be soothing and warm. I happened to get into a car accident a few days ago and am recovering with some heavy chilling. So I would love it if you took a little vacation with me today and we can patch all of our wounds together! Ok, I feel you, so let’s be as one.
Well, here we are, back again and nothing has changed except maybe for the better! So you look around and wonder “Why?” and you have some answers, but just to make sure you ask your boys or your girl or your friends and they have even better answers. So what I’m saying is, I guess we’re all just awesome!
Hey y’all. This week’s show will be pretty damn good. I promise. There is some good bassiness that will go down and definitely some weirdo glitchy washy warmth for all the freaks. So open your mind and come on down. We’ll be there to catch you.///
Big Show Today! Thanks for joining us here this week as we jump into some real groovin’ happiness. I promise some foot tapping and some mild grinning throughout the next hour, that’s just on my end… So let’s see what we can get out of you guys on this one/ Ok, well just like always, here we go and here we are again.
Hey Guys! Welcome back. So you may notice some oddities today, and that’s good! So I ask you to just go with it, and later it will go with you wherever you’d like. So come and get swept up in the Glitchy IDMy madness!
Hi! Welcome to the Glitch/IDM radio show on We put together a wonderful show for you today, so please absorb and love what you hear. That would make us very happy and feel like we are doing our jobs. I hope you can feel some amazing feelings over the next hour, and I know you will.
Oh yesssshhhheeeerrrrrriiii. The show has some real heavy flow this week. It feels like an ocean mixed with the smell of a thousand daisies… We are going to discuss house guests and what they can do for our existence, and finally some pure awesome love will be thrown your way. So suit up and boot up, this is the Glitch/ IDM show!
NEW NEW NEW!... So the show this week will be all about things we have not experienced until recently (or now in some cases). Like the explosion of smell from opening a new bag of chips, or that first taste of a newly opened glass bottle of RC cola, or discovering a hidden talent. There are so many new experiences that we are going to try and convey on this show that by the end you will feel like you have known them forever. So strap in. and Let’s do it!
Hey guys! The show this week is a little bit more up-beat and awesome, but still pretty deep and heavy. I’m really going to try and convey the glad feelings I’m feeling in my new home, but also the crazy Summer heat I get blasted with every time I step outside my door. So buckle up and knuckle up, we are going to get wacky to the max…
Welcome Home! So thanks for joining me on my first show in my new land; Nashville, TN! I feel extra glitch and IDMy here, so hopefully all shows from now on will kick even more ass than usual? Well either way, I know you’re going to dig this one. So here we go!!!
Moving on up and out! So this show is going to be a mix of emotions, just like the ones I am feeling right before my big move to Nashville. We got a lot of new stuff this week too like some Machinedrum, Crosses & and new jam from Fennesz. So hold on to your love and get wild.
Hey! OK, so while I tear apart my house and get ready to move, I have figured out a way for all of you to share this experience with me... Basically it comes down to you zoning out on this week's show and using your Imaginations! So come along and prep your favorite sitting spot.
Tonight we celebrate! I am riding high right now so I would love if you could join me. I like to think when we win, you win! So let’s feel the tones and the love; right here on the Glitch/IDM show.
Ok, the show this week is about everything and nothing. I guess when you think about it, those are both the same thing, soooooo it makes total sense. So basically we are going to be playing some fun beaty stuff on this one that might get you feeling like you need neon zebra print pants.
This week on the Glitch/IDM Show we are going to slowly dive into a pool of molasses only to later emerge and be greeted by a land of wonder and magic. As always we have some new stuff and some older stuff, for the heads. So get comfortable, cause you’re not going anywhere for at least an hour. Rest in tiny little peaces…
The show this week will serve as your audible sun screen. I know you are probably out enjoying what the world holds for you today, so thanks for taking us on the ride. I promise to keep the show on point and as soundtracky to today as possible. Ok let’s get going!
So the show this week is going to be a boomer with a few little beems thrown in here and there. It’s going to mellow out at a point though, so I am just giving you a heads up incase you were really hoping to rage for an hour straight. But I feel like the heavy parts are made even more intense when you play with the dynamics of the show. No Brickwallin’ here my friends.
Hello y’all. Get ready for a warm, loving, nestling version of the Glitch/IDM show. This week we dive deep into our maternal needs and longings. So if you’re a momma’s boy or a daddy’s little girl, this show’s for you! So love it and let it love you.
Heyoooo! This week on the Glitch/IDM show we’re feelin’ sun-shiny and new. The show is a little bit all over the place but still pretty cohesive. We’re gonna play a new track from Slugabed that is pretty sick and maybe some other new groovers that we have on deck for ya. So here we go!
At first I wasn’t really after anything in particular this week but now that I think about it, I picked a lot of “retro” synthy kind of stuff, so there you go! You can feel like it’s the last day of school and it’s 1987. So grease the skids and get going, this is the Glitch/IDM show!//././///
Soak up the sun my friends! This week on the Glitch/IDM show we keep it pretty pleasant, light-hearted, soft a squishy. So grab some pork and beans and come along!
Glitch/IDM show makin’ it rain this week. The whole show is dedicated to staying inside, finding things to do and just chillin’. So get super creative! Cause you might need it.
This week on the Glitch/IDM Show we bust out the microphones and get poppy! I have been trying to get a little heavier over the last few weeks. Not really in an agro way, but more of a celebration of life. Kind of like putting a Pantera CD on in your car, getting real pumped up and driving 1000 mph, but way less tuff than that. OK, so here we go.
Ok, here’s a super heavy show for you today. There are tiny bits of light-heartedness but overall, it’s a good old headbangin’, finger tappin’ time. So come along and get wicked wicked.