Simon Jones
Robotization and Artificial Intelligence are just some of the best and most innovative ideas of the last year.
Santa Claus might take a few ideas from the real world in order to give toys to boys and girls.
Nintendo has recently released a new system, the Nintendo NES Mini, which was met with wide acclaim and wider sales. It’s success may hint at the future of Nintendo.
More and more robots are being made and sold for common home use, many in time for the holiday season. Robotic toys and gadgets that make a great gift.
Exosuits and exoskeletons are valuable tools for commercial and military purposes, and more and more companies are developing the technology.
The ability to translate words from one language to another is being deferred more and more to technology, and some of this tech coming down the pipeline will soon be available for commercial use.
Samsung’s Galaxy Note S7 was supposed to be a revolutionary phone, but ending up making a different king of bang in the industry. What caused this failure and what can the tech industry learn from it?
The evolution of the technology that makes our lives easier is the same evolution that is making technology more dangerous. As AI and robotics become more complex, so too is the possibility of deviant behavior.
Electronic voting machines have been used for presidential elections since 2000, and many criticize them for being unreliable. But their bad reputation may be undeserved.
Halloween may be a time of candy and childhood and over-drinking, but in 2016 tech companies are tackling novel approaches to make people wet their pants. VIrtual Reality is one of the most powerful tools in a Halloween fiend’s arsenal, and here's why.
Apple’s iPhone 7 has recently hit the market, and the new device has already garnered considerable controversy. One of the biggest changes to the phone is that there is no headphone jack. Instead, users of the iPhone 7 are given a set of wireless earbuds that can be paired with the phone via “bluetooth-like” tech. Other companies have jumped onboard the trend, and wireless headphones may become the new normal.
Ever since their acquisition by Google, YouTube’s advertising system has garnered controversy from content creators, and the latest changes are no different. The latest system has pulled advertising from videos deemed “controversial,” and some contend that this is unfair censorship.
Kitchen robot is coming in 2017, and it can cook pretty much anything. For the small retail price of $14,800, a robot chef can be installed in your kitchen, where it can cook up thousands of different meals.
A recent study performed at the University of California, Irvine has claimed that taking selfies is actually good for a person’s self esteem and can help lower stress.
Robotics has found an application in law enforcement, but the more they are used the more questionable their relationship with the police and the public becomes nebulous.
Olo is a 3D printing system that uses your phone as part of the printing process.
While the auto industry continues to develop artificial intelligence and robotics, this very technology is also being utilized at sea with self-driving boats and ships made for scientific endeavors.
Aerospace company Lockheed Martin has created a virtual environment that allows students to take a virtual trip to Mars.
Facebook’s special algorithm enables it to analyze users' data and determine how much of a liberal or conservative he or she is.
Ford Motors has promised to get self-driving cars on the road in the next five years. By 2021, the company wants driverless vehicles to be the norm.
Misfit is a company founded in 2011 that makes fitness and sleep trackers, and they've been met with remarkable success.
In the cities of London and New York, parking tickets are handed out like candy. But there is someone new to help fight these tickets off. This support comes in the form of a robot called DoNotPay, who assists people in disputing their parking tickets.
Drone racing is a new sport that uses unmanned aircrafts and special “point of view” goggles to let people fly a virtual race.
Is one better than the other, or do the two ultimately serve different purposes?
Pokémon GO is Nintendo’s latest iteration of their Pokémon property, and has taken the world by storm.
A quick review and analysis of the Amazon Echo, a digital personal assistant, and what the future holds for this type of technology.
BTRtoday gives you the rundown of the three biggest presentations at the 2016 Electronic Entertainment Expo, from a slamming new Xbox to exciting developments in virtual reality experiences.
Whether it's scaling imperial walkers, uploading viruses or dismantling walls, we always seem to break out of the machine. BTRtoday takes a look at some of the most ingenious ways humans have outsmarted robots in science fiction films.
Egyptologist Helen Strudwick talks about her work in helping to discover the youngest mummified fetus in Ancient Egypt history and how new technologies are transforming how we view the past.
Lego, the toy meant to inspire creativity in children, is quickly becoming one of the big currencies of a strange criminal underworld.
For the past few years, Japan’s population of workers has grown smaller and smaller while the percentage of retirees is becoming larger.
The Hydraulic Press Channel features nothing but videos of random things getting crushed by a hydraulic press. And it’s incredibly popular. BTRToday looks into the psychology of why we find destruction so satisfying.