Zen Tapes - Sharkula: Bicentennial Jam


I was recently turned on to a Philadelphia-based band named Sharkula, who recently debuted with an EP titled Bicentennial Jam. Not my usual style, this post-punk, post-rock, concept jam revolves around the idea of actor Robin Williams, which is relevant through the album art, song titles (e.g. “Throbbin’ Williams”), and the chanting during “Robbing Williams”. I honestly can’t help but laugh at the idea of a rock album devoted to Robin Williams, but that’s not to say that I think Sharkula did something wrong with this release. The album brings about feelings of humor, uneasiness, contemplation, and rocking coated in an empty garage shell. You won’t hear much better production on an album in this genre – artistic when it’s called for and raw when it needs to be. Plus I really dig the album art and their Bandcamp design. Below are my two favorite songs in succession, and I hope you see why I’m big on Sharkula’s experimental rock sound right now.
mp3: Sharkula: “Sobbin’ Williams”
mp3: Sharkula: “Good Will Frightening”

via Zen Tapes