Zen Tapes - Grass Mirror: “Pocatello”


Purging memories by reliving them sonically.

Grass Mirror seems to have this in mind while constructing an often ambient, yet always curious collage from a hodgepodge of household and hometown samples. Grass Mirror reflects the deep past of curious noises ranging from spinning coins to old radio programs atop the progression of lax hip hop beats. Homey and haunting, Pocatello feels like a wash of snapshots and feelings viewed in the ever-melancholy guise of retrospect. Although I don’t even know where it is, I feel that I know Grass Mirror‘s hometown but not as myself. Rather, an eternal resident- someone who has lived and died in one tragically familiar place.

See Pocatello through Grass Mirror, shared for free on their bandcamp.

mp3: Grass Mirror:”Rituals”

mp3: Grass Mirror: “Murial”

via Zen Tapes