Zen Tapes - Geotic: Bless the Self


Maybe it’s because summer has finally revealed itself here in Ann Arbor, and I can lay in bed listening to birds and trees with the windows open without becoming iced over. Or maybe it’s my predisposition towards soft hazy textures in music (and I suppose other media as well). Proclivities aside, it didn’t take me long to fall in love with this new EP by Geotic, the “minimal / ambient music project of Will Wiesenfeld”, known also for his successful releases as Baths. Evocative, gentle and maybe even nostalgic to the right person, Bless the Self is a consistent unfolding of beautiful melodies comparable to ISAN or early múm.

Go ahead and preview some tracks below, but I really recommend listening to it all the way through. The album is (relatively) short, and seamless, and sounds best when all songs are contextually sound. Download the whole thing here. Highly recommended.

mp3: Geotic: “Illusory Body”
mp3: Geotic: “Clear Light”

via Zen Tapes