Respectful Discussion Prevails in Facebook Comments Section

In an unexpected twist just before press time, reports filed to Wet Socks confirmed that a rational discussion of ideas prevailed a the Facebook comments section.

Attached to a provocative opinion article post deriding a major party and political figure, the thread featured tasteful exchanges between commenters and a respectful expression of differing viewpoints, even despite the author’s colorful language and overt opinion.

“It’s terrific to convene in this shared digital space where ideas can be shared with complete respect for one another,” commenter Jill Hiney wrote.

“Amen to that,” replied fellow commenter Seamus Reegan. “I certainly disagree with your political leanings, especially on this specific topic, but it’s wonderful to know we can openly discuss these opinions without playing to our biases or removing one another’s humanity.”

Some commenters even broke into an exchange about the legitimacy of the story, but despite tensions, all resisted the urge to leave one or two word comments without actually reading the article or adding anything to the discussion whatsoever.

“I’ll admit, this headline really ticked me off when I read it,” Bill Archer commented. “But once I read the piece and considered the writer’s point of view, I thought about the other side. I still don’t fully agree, but I feel better off for having been thorough and open in my reading.”

“I thought this story was top notch, both in style and content, but I did find myself considering the source and bias of the writer as I read along,” commented Yanni Tripucka. “Even as I agreed with her points, I tried to empathize with someone who might not.”

The wholesome discussion comes at the dismay of the media company that posted it, which hoped to stir the pot among its Facebook audience in an effort to increase traffic to its page and website. A spokesperson for the company would not offer a full statement, but tepidly admitted that they “didn’t think this was possible.”

Officials from Facebook were also notified of the wholesome thread, but could not be reached for comment by press time. According to one source, the company’s higher-ups were taken completely aback and expressed immediate jubilation, with one executive even quoted as exclaiming “Finally! They’re getting it!”