Click on This and Read It

You did it! You clicked the link, and now you are reading this article. Your actions up to this point have been nothing but beneficial to this website and me, the author of these words. Feel good about it? Keep reading.

Read this sentence. And this one. And this one after that. In the process of writing many articles for this company since I have worked here, I learned that repetition helps get your points across. Repetition works; if you throw in a semi-colon to break it up and seem impressive, even better. Continue reading, please.

Here is the third graf, or about the point in the article where you begin to drift off and skim, leading you to a new tab or perhaps a different activity altogether. I suppose I can’t blame you for doing this. You’ve come a long way and theoretically served your purpose to this point. But what if there is a greater payoff in this article yet to come? Might as well keep reading at this point.

This is where you realize there isn’t a greater payoff, even with an earnest lead-up. They can’t all be winners. Here’s another sentence that doesn’t add much. At least this wasn’t a listicle or something like that.

A really loose conclusion is the only way to wrap this thing up. I can say with certainty my bosses are happy you read all the way to here. I am too. How about another question followed by a sentence to close things out? Here you go.

Do you think this article was worth a comment? After reading this far, it just might be. My bosses would like that as well.