BTR Staff Poll: New Year's Music Resolutions for 2012 - New Year's Week


It’s almost 2012, and while the rest of the world is surely making resolutions to go to the gym more, drink less, give up smoking, etc., the BTR Staff contemplates, for better or worse, our music habits. Being a bunch of music nerds and self-proclaimed audiophiles can only mean one thing: It’s time for New Year’s Music Resolutions for 2012.

We asked the staff at BreakThru Radio what trends they’re looking forward to in the coming year and also what they hope to leave behind in 2011.

DJ Drew (BTR Reggae Hour/ DJ Drew BTR)

I hope that in 2012, reggae music becomes more of a canvas for creativity rather than what I’m hearing too often these days: the same old, rehashed reggae tunes. Get inspired, reggae musicians! Think outside the box! You don’t have to fit in one of the three categories: Bob Marley, Sizzla, or Sublime. Make you’re own category and tell your own story. Also, I might have to cut back on listening to Dubstep until it becomes more “Dub” and less “Step”. Finally on a personal note, I’m going to listen through full albums more this year. No more shuffle/random settings. I need the experience of an album start to finish, like how it used to be when I first fell in love with music. iTunes and iPods make it too easy to think in terms of playlists, but if you love an artist and trust their sensibilities, then they have already made their version of a playlist for you…. it’s called an LP and if it’s good it’s a complete work of art — no need to mess with art like that.

Sizzla, himself. Official album art for 2007’s I-Space.

DJ Matt (Writer’s Block/ Co-Director of Editorial)

Like many audiophiles, I tend to pride myself on eclecticism when it comes to my listening habits. I can’t stick too one genre for more than a week, even if it’s nostalgic comfort listening like the classic rock of my teenage years. Which is why I find it embarrassing how little I know about reggae. Of course, Bob Marley’s Legend and The Harder They Come soundtrack were always floating around mix tapes between my family and friends in high school. Since I’ve started working at BreakThru, DJ Drew’s Reggae Hour has been a revelation. At the same time, my personality tends to yearn for some historical perspective in order for me to really sink my teeth into art and media whose roots go back more than fifty years.

Christmas may be over but I am turning 25 next month. Most of those closest to me know I’m quite the reader. I’m not sure if there’s any noteworthy guide to Reggae music out there as it doesn’t seem like the kind of art form that necessitates grandiose literary or scholarly introduction; but if there is a reputable source, that would top my wish list.

Also — no more getting drunk and gushing about Paul McCartney. It’s time to find a new favorite Beatle to rant about in my inebriated state.

The “cute one” playing with his other band, Wings, in 1976. Photo by Jim Sammaria.

DJ Jake (SimuNation/ Comedy Director)

I want to listen to “The Beatles” more. I heard about them on MTV but I never gave anything past “Yellow Submarine” a real listen.

Carly Shields (Editorial/ Social Media)

My music resolution is to give more bands an honest chance. I want to listen to a few songs from one new group each day and expand my knowledge of different genres.

DJ Wayne Ski (BTR Hip-Hop Show/ The Electric Ride)

My resolution is to do my research into the history of Dubstep music. Some good sounds I’ve heard but I don’t know much about. I just don’t want the songs on my laptop – I want to know about it. Help!

DJ Madalyn (God Bless Weirdmerica/ DJ Madalyn BTR)

My music resolution of 2012 is to keep up with my music blogs every day!

DJ AudreyII (The Night Show)

My music resolution for 2012 is to listen to more jazz! I always wanted to be the type of person who likes jazz but haven’t really explored the lesser-known jazz musicians.

Jess Westberg (Video Team Correspondent)

I’m going to listen to more hip-hop: Action Bronson, M.O.P., and Dipset have rekindled the affair… Also, I’m going to buy a drum kit and continue learning to play this year!

Action Bronson looking dangerous. Photo by Madd Dog 97.

DJ Lottie (DJ Lottie BTR/ Spotlight On The City/ Lottie’s Sideshow Acts)

More bad-ass chicks.

DJ Marie (Sew and Tell)

I don’t so much have a resolution to listen to or give up specific albums, genres, or artists, but I do resolve to use the gorgeous vintage record player that Tim (my fiancee) gave me for Christmas last year more often. Right now, it’s sitting collecting dust next to a pile of pretty great vinyl that includes Tom Waits, Bon Iver, The National, Phosphorescent, and other awesomeness. So… yeah. I should be using that baby every day!

Bon Iver touring in 2008. Photo by Angela N.

DJ Latola (In the Den/ The Synapse/ Dapper Fitting Drinking Hour)

This is a tough question for me, but I reckon I’m going to do the same thing I always do, and that is keep listening to the newest and weirdest music about. That way, I don’t get time capsuled like people my age who still think Pearl Jam is the apex of all rock. I hate that shit. Never will I be one of those dudes who says, “They don’t make music like they did when I was younger. All this new shit sucks.”
Those people are not my people, you know?
Pearl Jam fans celebrating not DJ Latola’s favorite demographic. Photo by Male and Taken.

As we ring in the New Year this Saturday at midnight, we at BTR would like to wish you a happy, healthy 2012 and ask you…

What’s your New Year’s Music Resolution for 2012?