Wild and Wacky Tours in NYC - Discovery NYC Week


By Anna Swann-Pye

Whether you’re a native New Yorker or a first-timer, there is a tour in New York City made for you. BreakThru Radio has taken a look at some of the more exciting tours in the city — ones with bizarro themes or interesting twists — and now we’re reporting them back to you.

Rowdy tourists prepping for a wild tour. Photo courtesy of Baltimore Heritage.

If you’re a big scary-stuff buff, you might enjoy taking a look at the Ghosts of New York tour, which comprises 15 different tours featuring 15 different ghoulish specialties. Participants can pick their poison — maybe you’re interested in being led through Greenwich Village in search of the ghosts of Eleanor Roosevelt and Aaron Burr? Or perhaps exploring the “Ghost Busters Building” or chasing the spirit of John Lennon on the Upper West Side is more your thing. Whatever you do, you’ll be led into buildings and given the chance to experience the dead like a real New Yorker. It seems like quite a trip, but the tour does warn its potential participants that they “cannot be held responsible for any haunting, supernatural event, soul-possession or poltergeist activity endured before, during or after participation on the tour.” Walk at your own risk!

If horrifying hauntings are not your thing —  you would rather sit down with a fancy cocktail, or spend your time shopping for the newest pair of Manolo’s — then perhaps you’d prefer the Sex and the City Screen Tour, located on the Upper East Side. Here, you will follow in the footsteps of Carrie and her friends as you retrace the steps the cast of the seriously popular TV show took over the course of their six exciting seasons. You can explore the bar owned by Steve and Aiden, shop at the jewelers that provided Charlotte with her engagement ring, and so much more. Clips from the hit show will be played overhead on the tour bus in between stops, so if you’re a little rusty on some SATC details then you can have the opportunity to catch up.

Perhaps, though, if you’ve lived in New York City for a long time, simply seeing the sites is not enough. Maybe you already KNOW where Carrie bought the shoes that Aiden’s dog later chewed. If this is the case, there are still tours that might suit your fancy. Accomplice Productions labels its experience as: “part game, part theater, part tour.” Participants are guided through the city streets on a mysterious scavenger hunt — where clues and plot points will give the information needed to reach the end. Groups of ten to fifteen will hurry from one location to the next, as they try to decipher who is in on the experience and who isn’t. Iconic landmarks and important street corners will be an aspect of the tour — but the experience is about much more than sightseeing. It is for thrill seekers and the friends that they drag along. Details on the website are few and far between — Accomplice will call you with a meeting place the night before your scheduled tour, and all other information will be provided in person.

Finally, if all else fails, who doesn’t love The Beatles? Hop on board the magical mystery tour of New York, where you will experience the Big Apple just as the British pop sensation did 50 years before. Stop by the Ed Sullivan Theater to (almost) experience the band’s first ever U.S. concert, take a quick nap at The Plaza Hotel, and find your way to Strawberry Fields in Central Park – the John Lennon memorial site. Learn and appreciate the incredible band, through an interactive and totally cool tour.

It doesn’t matter how much time you’ve spent in this city, if you wake up one day feeling bored or antsy, there is most certainly a tour for you. So try one out!