Visitation Rites - Sightings: Waskerley Way, “Wind Shear”


Saying Mikey B–aka UK’S Waskerley Way–sounds a mess on his new EP, Wind Shear, can only be meant in the most endearing way possible. This nine minute title-track giddily prances around a seemingly endless barrage of disparate sounds held loosely together by a keystone guitar riff and an unrelenting drum beat. The enduring riff-beat combination steadily marches through the length of the song while he piles more and more sonic ingredients on top of the heap. Swirling electronics, thick feedback, and a healthy dose of reverb all collaborate here; coming together in an aural hurricane that rips apart in a climax fit with an otherworldly burst of strings. It may be cliche to call this song a “beautiful mess”, but if the shoe fits, shouldn’t we be wearing it?

Waskerly Way, “Wind Shear”(Wind Shear, Self-Released)

Words: Marc Picciolo

You can stream/download Wind Shear over at Bandcamp.

via Visitation Rites