Visitation Rites - Sightings: Space Ghost Purrp, “Fish (Purrped and Chopped part 2)


Florida’s Space Ghost Purrp makes hip hop with a Sci-Fi slant. His samples include everything from Mortal Kombat sound effects, to the peppy “Hello!” that is often blared from ice cream trucks. In the oh-so-slow “Fish”, Purrp explores a sinister mechanical realm. The low tempo vocals sound as though they are coming from a long dead dinosaur who was resurrected by a machine. The roars and somber piano tappings give the track a gothic funhouse effect. Like his West Coast contemporaries OFWGKTA, Purrp’s lyrics often deal with the uglier things in life. One of the most memorable lyrical moments is when the speaker warns us against a fisherman who is committing mass rape in a swimming pool. As problematic as this content is, it seems as though it has been beamed down from a sadistic alternate universe.

Words: Samantha Cornwell

via Visitation Rites