Visitation Rites - Sightings: Ekoplekz, “Uncanny Riddim” Video



Ekoplekz: Uncanny Riddim from Jade Boyd

While video artists utilize high definition for a crisp and clean look, those who work with analog technology often basque in exactly the opposite. Although people often highlight the “warmth” of analog video, what often makes it notable to me is the sense of the sublime– the possibility of some unexpected energy or presence infiltrating your footage. Jade Boyd’s video for Ekoplekz’s “Uncanny Riddim” explores the darker dimensions of this. Through video feedback, we are introduced to several shadowy presences. One is a female figure, who is shot from a high side angle; another is a man whose features are blurred, and the the other is a more ambiguous face that we see in extreme close-up. Although there isn’t much action, there is an overriding sense of something sinister about to occur. Ekoplekz’s repetitive, noise laden dark techno drives this haunting semi-narrative. His trembling synth tones go off like paranormal cries.

Words: Samantha Cornwell

via Visitation Rites