Unpiano - Modeselektor Live


Just a quick follow-up on the live Modeselektor appearance in San Francisco: the show was bonkers.  The moments leading up to the headline were tense, featuring a DJ unknown to most of the crowd (myself included) playing insanely fast and loud Juke mixed with Drum and Bass.  Anxiety bubbled up in pockets as people pushed their way into the main room, bumping beers out of hands and separating couples.

The tension came to a head, and finally Modeselektor took to the stage and opened with the slow and infectious Grillwalker.  At this point the club was too crowded to move about freely, and everyone hypnotically bobbed in time together, completely losing themselves in the gigantic sound system.  Modeselektor knows exactly how to control a crowd and they had people losing their minds all night.  The build into up-tempo classics was quick and it felt like they were enjoying themselves as much as the audience was.

These are the magic club experiences that keep people chasing the dragon, doing key bumps in the bathroom after a 20 dollar cover for Euro House night on a Wednesday.  Skip all that shit and just keep your eye on when the Monkeytown artists are coming around.  You can still do some bumps in the bathroom, but I guarantee a good time without it too.

Modeselektor – Grillwalker

via Unpiano