Unpiano - Carletta Sue Kay


After winning The Strangers’ poll for worst album cover last week, the new Carletta Sue Kay album finally sees it’s it’s official release tomorrow. While I can’t defend the cover any further then this sentence, the album itself more than makes up for it. It got an early release at Amoeba so perhaps you’ve heard some of the songs already and understood that this is not the raw, shrieking CSK record you may have been expecting. It’s a different feel than the video for ‘Get Along’ I posted earlier, but that hardly matters. Capturing the intensity of the live show and a voice like Randy’s on a studio recording is a tall order and these songs instead need to be appreciated on a different level. You don’t hear the “less bitter Nina Simone” in the recordings but instead get a healthy dose of Magnetic Fields style ballads, whose new album featured Carletta’s vocals on the track ‘Andrew in Drag”. Strong songwriting and glossy production is what’s going on here and with CSK release I’ll take what I can get.

Carletta Sue Kay – Joy Division
Carletta Sue Kay – Pretty Inside

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