TYMPANOGRAM - [stream] s / s / s // Museum Day


If you haven’t heard, s / s / s, despite being the most awkward band name to type out, is comprised of a triumvirate of artists whose names begin with – you guessed it – the letter ‘s.’ Specifically, it’s Serengeti, Son Lux, and Sufjan Stevens working together.

The track, from the trio’s upcoming four song EP, was unleashed on the interwebs yesterday, and the response was divided. Personally, I’ve liked a lot of Sufjan Stevens’ output post-Illinoise, so this isn’t a huge departure from his last couple of releases. In addition, this isn’t specifically a Sufjan song, so comparing it to his past work is slightly off target. That said, it feels like a Sufjan song on its face, allowed to develop slowly over six minutes or so, with Stevens making liberal use of auto-tune, much to the chagrin of some, I’m certain.

In the end, I like the track as a whole. Serengeti’s verses seem slightly out of place on it, however, but I’m certainly not offended by their inclusion either. It’s a good introduction to the project, entitled Beak & Claw, which will be released on March 20th through the minds at Anticon.

via Tympanogram