TYMPANOGRAM - [stream] Bear In Heaven // Sinful Nature


Bear In Heaven, if you were unaware, has been streaming their new album in its entirety for something like the past two months. Granted, they slowed it down 400,000 percent, so it’s impossible to discern much of anything; every so often they will tweet that they’ve reached the next song on the album. At the speed at which they’re streaming the album, it doesn’t sound like much more than a lengthy instruction in grating drone – not at all like the upbeat cuts that haven’t been altered.

And while that’s a nice little gimmick, the real genius lies in the unaltered versions of the songs. “Reflection of You” was absolutely arresting, and this track, “Sinful Nature” which was released yesterday, is more of the same. The song feels like it’s going to build to a climax, but it holds the same tension throughout its five-plus minutes, instead combining the best parts of pop radio in the 1980′s – a darker ambiance of synths and ethereal, haunting vocals.

I Love You, It’s Cool comes out in less than month at this point, hitting shelves and iPods on April 3. Really looking forward to this one, you guys.

via Tympanogram