Welcome To Sudakistan

Created and inhabited by a Sweden-based five-piece named after their made up homeland, Sudakistan is rewriting the rules of rock. Their sophomore album, Swedish Cobra, released last week, is filled with cultural influences from every nook and cranny of the world.

“Musically we all come from very different backgrounds, so all that goes into our Sudakistan mix,” frontman Michell Serrano tells BTRtoday via email. “[Our new live show] will be a big surprise—we’re preparing some next level performances, so it’s gonna be a completely new journey.”

Serrano says that for Swedish Cobra they wanted it to sound “purer” than their debut album, so they recorded every track live—some of which were written right in the studio. Sudakistan is known for their wild and energetic live performances, so it was a natural step. It’s hard to attend one of these guys’ shows and not get sucked into the psych, punk and bluesy rock ‘n’ roll being thrust into your face.

Read the entire interview with Sudakistan frontman Michell Serrano below and become a citizen of this new rock ‘n’ roll country today.

Sudakistan live in Stockholm

BTRtoday (BTR): So first thing first, what is Sudakistan? I tried Googling it and all it says is that it means you’re from Sudakis, but then I Googled Sudakis and it’s the last name of a baseball player…

Michell Serrano (MS): Sudakistan is really just a word our drummer Barra made up. It’s a crossover of Sudaka and an imaginary country we all in the band live in. We didn’t know about the baseball player—is he good? He better be. [Laughs]

BTR: I know one of you is from Sweden and the rest are from South America, so you guys are all over the place. How’d you all end up getting together?

MS: We all work in restaurants, so we met at a place called Matkultur in Stockholm. It was there it all started.

BTR: You guys have songs in several different languages, what’s your songwriting process like?

MS: Somebody in the band usually brings parts of a song and then we finish it together. Sometime we also just jam new songs—lately we’ve been creating songs like this a lot.

BTR: Tell me about how these deep lyrics end up forming?

MS: Most of the lyrics are taken from our real lives—what we feel and see. Musically we all come from very different backgrounds, so all that goes into our Sudakistan mix.

BTR: Tell me about this upcoming album, Swedish Cobra—I’m already obsessed with it—what did you do differently with this one?

MS: We recorded most of the record live in studio, so it sounds purer than our debut. And we also experimented with softer songs. Trying to do something better than our first album. Some of the songs were even created in the studio during the recordings.

BTR: I hear you guys have a killer live performance, could you paint me a little picture of what it’s like?

MS: [Our new live show] will be a big surprise. We are preparing some next level performances. So it’s gonna be a completely new journey for Sudakistan.

BTR: What should we be keeping an eye out for in the near future of Sudakistan?

MS: Other than our live shows we’re going to try to do a third album really soon.