Flower Girl

Try to imagine an apathetic Buddy Holly who just moved to Brooklyn from the countryside, loves to get drunk, and sing pop numbers with a loose gang of garage twangers.

If you can imagine that, you might have something close to Flower Girl. They’re equal parts lackadaisical love songs, sunshine-strumming acoustic jangles, and offbeat hooks that come across casual yet surprisingly catchy. It’s perfect summertime music for lounging by the backyard kiddie pool or road-tripping with friends.

Their most recent release, Okie Dokie Howdy Doody, is packed with a dozen country-nuanced pop-rock tunes that fly by before you know it. Which is good–the songs are brief on the side of succinct; saying exactly what they need to say and moving along before it gets old. The whole thing manages to stay fresh even after repeated listening, with laugh-worthy lyrical gems scattered throughout.

Founding member Nick “Nacho” Morris takes some time to tell BTR about the quirks that make it all possible.

BreakThru Radio (BTR): How did you guys first come together? Have you known each other for a while?

Nick “Nacho” Morris (NM): We’ve all been best buds for a while. I grew up with Dan van Dusen, Henry van Dusen, and Sal in DC. I met Snoot at college in California. Scott and I had a band in Claremont, California called Sleepy Feet. Dave and Hen also have a band that Scott and I back up occasionally called Doozies.

We all moved to New York to do it up big and stinky.

BTR: Where does each of your nicknames come from?

NM: Well, I’m Nacho. It’s short for Ignacio, which is short for Ignatius of Antioch, the ancient Greek martyr who fed himself to wild beasts, which in the band are represented by brothers DVD and HVD… simply acronyms for their full names.

Scott (aka Snoot) can be pretty snooty about the kind of cheese he squeezes, if you get my drift… For “Uncle Sal” I suppose the joke is I’m the mother of the band and she’s my curmudgeonly brother? It could also be a play on Uncle Sam, but that possibility escaped me ‘til just now, having to think about the nickname’s origin.

BTR: What kind of creative headspace were you in for the making of your most recent album, Okie Dokie Howdy Doody?

NM: Have you ever seen the Youtube montage of Nicolas Cage losing his shit?

BTR: Holy shit.

NM: Yeah…

BTR: Well… How about a couple of your favorite songs off the record, and why?

NM: I’m in California right now and the rest of the band’s in New York and aren’t answering my calls–I’m gonna guess Snoot’s favorite song is “Drip Drip,” ’cause he’s one to giggle at innuendo. We also tend not to play it live because I have a hard time memorizing Dave’s lyrics, so it feels fresh.

I love “A Platypus”–I can’t get enough of that cowbell, and when I sing it, I feel like Kool Keith.

BTR: I read that you recorded it in a Chipotle in Bed-Stuy. What’s the story behind that?

NM: What can we say, we really liked the feel of corporate American bastardization of indigenous Mexican Aztec aesthetic!

No, Chipotle is just another nickname, one for my old apartment in Bed-Stuy. It had exposed brick and pipe-age like the restaurant chain’s interior.

BTR: The clay animation/live-action music video for Stop Starin’ is pretty awesome. How did that come together?

NM: Our very talented pal Spencer Burnham offered to make this video for us. It stars local dog celebrity Snips, who is Dave and Henry’s sister’s pup. Spencer finished it in about three and a half weeks, which is a pretty insane turnaround for a music video–let-alone one using claymation. We were pretty wowed.

BTR: Plans for 2015?

NM: The plan for this fall and winter is to record the next album, Tuck in Your Tie-Dye! which is the sequel to ODHD. We hope to have it finished and ready to release by spring 2016. Other than that we have a short New England tour in the works, as well as a few upcoming shows in Brooklyn.

To hear more from Flower Girl, check out their Bandcamp or tune into BTR’s very own In the Den.