Tune In To Bee Bee Sea For Punk Rock Thrashers

Italian rock ‘n’ roll trio Bee Bee Sea isn’t British or a corporation. But they are broadcasting a whole new level of grunge and punk rock with their intense thrasher tunes.

Castel Goffredo-natives Wilson Wilson (guitar/vocals), Giacomo Parisio (bass) and Andrea Onofrio (drums) have ripped up the stage since 2015. Who knew such a sweet and picturesque Northern Italian town could produce such chaotic rock ‘n’ roll?

Their 2017 sophomore LP Sonic Boomerang was eight-tracks of fast tempos, distorted guitar riffs and catchy scream-along choruses about psycho babes and loser kings. It’s far closer to Bee Bee Sea’s true sound than their debut.

“We hardly recognize ourselves in that record—we used to be rawer in that period because we were younger and naïve,” frontman Wilson Wilson says.

Bee Bee Sea released a deluxe set via Wild Honey Records including tracks from their debut LP and their debut EP. They self-released it back in 2016, but the tracks stayed mostly under the radar until a few of the songs from the EP were used in ad campaigns.

Though they’re small town boys at heart, they’re eager to show the whole world what they’ve got. This spring they tour Europe and have a U.S. summer tour in the works.

Read the entire interview with Bee Bee Sea’s frontman Wilson Wilson below.

Bee Bee Sea, “D.I. Why Why Why”

BTRtoday (BTR) Looks like you guys have been touring more than ever before in the past year, how does that feel?

Wilson Wilson (WW): It feels great. We’ve met so many people and visited so many places. We’d never been in the U.S. before this summer tour. I personally feel very lucky.

BTR: Have any memorable tour stories you can share?

WW: Well, we have stories basically from every tour we’ve had. I don’t know where to even start. I have a fond memory of when we sang “La Marseillaise” in a French pub in front of 40 old, drunk men. I thought they wanted to beat us up and instead they asked us to sing a Gigi D’Alessio song. [Laughs]

BTR: You’ve gained a lot of notoriety fairly quickly. Has that changed your perspective about working in music?

WW: Not really, actually. We’re still living our life in our small town trying to write better music.

BTR: Sonic Boomerang was your most recent release, but now you’re re-releasing your debut LP/EP—how has your sound evolved since the initial release of your debuts? How does ‘Sonic Boom’ compare creatively for you guys?

WW: Sonic Boomerang is more us, I think. The first one had brilliant songs, but it was too clean and we hardly recognize ourselves in that record. Moreover, we used to be rawer in that period because we were younger and naïve. Sonic Boomerang is definitely a step beyond, creatively speaking, because it’s a bit more focused on the vibe rather than the songs.

Bee Bee Sea, “This Dog Is The King of the Losers” Live @ Pickathon

Music can be poetic, autobiographical, literary, therapeutic, you get the picture. What does writing music do for you guys? Do you have a song in particular that is trying to convey any specific emotions or real life circumstances?

WW: I guess therapeutic. It feels great when you come up with a melody from nothing. It makes you feel like a god. [Laughs] Every track has a reference to a real life moment, even though most of the time I’m not aware of it. It’s fantastic when you listen to your songs and you kinda remember that period of your life. It’s like a diary page.

BTR: What does the future hold for Bee Bee Sea?

WW: There’s a European tour planned for this spring [2019] and many other things you’ll find out. We’ll be back to the States next summer for sure.