Top 10 Tune-Up Interviews of 2018

The rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle isn’t all trashing hotel rooms and crowd surfing (though there is a lot of that). Musicians are sensitive souls and are often just as lost as you or me. Maybe even more so.

Tune-Up is about getting to know these rockers. In candid interviews, they share their music and explore what it means to them. Check out the list below and get to know your new favorite band.

10. Trumps Travel Ban Couldn’t Stop The Muckers

“I was thinking, ‘am I the last Iranian to set foot in America?’”


9. Gnarcissists Poops Out Pure Punk Rock Genius

These gritty New Yorkers whirl up a chaotic tornado of powerful punk & dirty garage rock that’ll rattle your brain.


8. A Cheeky Chat with Warmduscher

An interview filled with British humor and sarcasm about some of the craziest music out in the world today.


7. Fight Fire with Sun Voyager

Their mantra, “let’s burn this fucker down” is a perfect summation of their fuzzed out dark and heavy rock.


6. Greta Van Fleet Talk New Music & Rock Star Lifestyle

We chat with drummer Danny Wagner about their new and old material, becoming rock stars overnight and social media trolls.


5. Post Animal To Play First Show In Space

Or so they’re hoping—we chat with guitarist Matt Williams about Elon Musk, The Office and Interplanetary Falcon Rock.


4. Shake Your Buns with GRLwood

We chat with GRLwood—who are fighting heteronormativity in the heart of Kentucky and they’re weapon of choice is catchy punk rock.


3. Coffee & Cigarettes with Jane Church

I met up with NY-based musician Matt Stevenson in Ridgewood, Queens to chat about his new project Jane Church.


2. Yaasss Defines Zaddy

The NYC band of falafel rockers bring glitter, punk rock and chaos to every show they play—did we mention glitter?


1. The Chats After “Smoko”

Though the song about smoke breaks is what put them on the map, they’ve been working hard on big and better things.