The Tomblands Talk About the Psychedelic Odyssey of Their Future Music

Their newest EP Fall In Love is a fuzzy flying dream, where you wake up with a melody already stuck in your head. Emotional and stern, yet also tongue-in-cheek and relatable, Fall In Love gives you four tracks that’ll fit all your moods.

The Tomblands say their future music is going to be even more of a journey—too wild of a ride to go it alone. That’s why this Chicago-based five-piece has triple the guitar, bass, and vocals and double the drums. Made up of friends Liam Burns (guitar/bass/vocals), Danny Urbana (guitar/bass/vocals), Nick Georgelos (guitar/bass/vocals),  Jimmy Kowalczyk (drums), and  Joey Buttlar (drums). They say their future music will be a “psychedelic odyssey ripe with monsters at your door.”

So, buckle up, listen to the new EP, and read the full interview with The Tomblands below to see what kind of musical adventure they’re whipping up for you next.

BTRtoday (BTR): So what kind of ethos or philosophies does this new EP have or just The Tomblands as a band?

The Tomblands: Have fun! We want to foster a community of loving people that come to our shows and have a good time. Even the parts that aren’t “fun,” it’s a labor of love and we really do enjoy hanging together, writing, recording, playing, listening to music, and going to shows. Everything about art is fun for us and we love it … except for moving gear. And always love as much as you can—people need love and empathy now more than ever.

BTR: Do you think the pandemic is going to make your sound and style evolve? What about the music world in general?

The Tomblands: It’s definitely had a profound impact. In our isolation, we’ve all been exploring new ideas and styles that we probably wouldn’t have had time to otherwise, and that’s been one positive of this whole thing. Hopefully, it aids creation as opposed to hindering it. We’ve done our best to stay busy amid the craziness. We’ll probably do some acoustic material as well because we can record that easily in Nick’s attic studio and it’s not too much to have Jimmy and Joey add percussion. People still want new music even though we can’t go to shows.

BTR: How did you guys meet and decide to form a band like The Tomblands?

The Tomblands: Nick, Danny, and Liam lived together in a house in Urbana while we went to school. We formed a garage band and regularly threw house shows and played parties, bars, and venues in Champaign and Urbana. We moved up to Chicago over a couple of years and our friend Jimmy joined on drums, replacing a previous member. About half a year after that, our friend Joey who we knew from Urbana, also joined on drums. Once we had two drummers everything changed and that’s really where our current sound stems from. There was a lot of growth as a band over this past year and a half and our sound evolved a lot as a result.

The Tomblands, “Glutton”

BTR: If The Tomblands had a one-line slogan or life motto, what do you think it would be?

The Tomblands: The Night Is Young / If You Need Earplugs We Got ‘Em / We Got Shirts In The Back

BTR: Tell me about future music, like an upcoming LP.

The Tomblands: Our upcoming LP will be a psychedelic odyssey ripe with monsters at your door, a journey through the desert sands of time, worshipping the sun, and being propelled through space-time so quickly that all material form abandons itself and all that is left is The Void. It’s going to be a heavier release and we plan to move in various directions after. A theme in this sense would be escapism. Like reading a sci-fi or fantasy book, it’s about going somewhere else. These times seem to require that. There will be some touches on environmentalism and feeling trapped in the dichotomy of a technological society/desert wasteland as well, just classic sci-fi stuff.

BTR: What else should we be keeping an eye out for in the future of The Tomblands?

The Tomblands: We’re going to keep working on music no matter how long quarantine and COVID hampers the ability to play shows at venues that anyone can go to again. So with this, we’d like each release to really stand alone as a separate piece from other releases, while of course retaining the sound we’ve developed as a group. After the heavier psych release, we’ve toyed with an acoustic record, an 80’s-esque phaser/flanger-fueled dance-y record, a doom metal album… all with some psychedelic elements. We’re ultimately just a psych-rock garage band.