The Ophelias on Hamlet, New Music & Getting Lit

Fresh off a tour with fellow Cincinnati rockers Leggy, The Ophelias are heading back to the studio to break out the summer hits.

While re-reading Hamlet, frontwoman Spencer Peppet felt a connection with the ill-fated female character Ophelia. Her band was just getting started. Something about the name felt right and The Ophelias were born.

Their soul-soothing sound bursts with passion. Delicate guitar playing and breezy vocals warm your heart and make your body sway. Their album Almost, released last summer, is the perfect sound for letting your hair flow in a warm summer’s breeze while standing in a field of flowers, wondering what it all means.

They won’t play a show until July 5 (more info here) but they’re working hard on new music for everyone to sway to this summer. So relax, listen to Almost and read the entire interview with The Ophelias’ frontwoman Peppet and drummer Micaela Adams below.

BTRtoday (BTR): You guys have been playing together for a while now—have you seen an evolution between how you guys work together?

Spencer Peppet (SP): We’ve gotten less nervous to try things out that are more experimental. After working together for so long there’s a lot of trust in each other’s instincts.

BTR: How did you end up with the name The Ophelias

SP: I was in A.P. Literature and was re-reading Hamlet, we had just started playing together and it felt right.

BTR: Some of you have other music projects—tell me a little about them.

SP: I have a solo project that basically came out when I couldn’t be working on stuff with The Ophelias. It’s a fun place to put concept-y songs.

Micaela Adams (MA): I play in a band called Sweet Pablo and I’m working on my own stuff, coming to theaters near you soon.

BTR: Tell me about this upcoming LP release, Almost—did you experiment with anything new?

SP: We did a lot of layering and big harmonies, which we hadn’t done before. I learned a lot about adding hooks too.

MA: I did more varied drum arrangements depending on what the songs needed. If a song needed a simple drum beat, that’s what I did instead of trying to force something more complicated.

BTR: What are some of the tracks based off of? Any real-life references?

SP: Yes and no—some things are directly related to real life events and some are more image-based. I like to think that the people who experienced those events with me will know what I’m talking about.

The Ophelias, “Moon Like Sour Candy”

BTR: How was the tour you just finished up with Leggy? As bands both from Cincinnati, have you guys had some wild times before?

SP: We actually went to the same high school. They graduated six years before me, so we didn’t go there at the same time, but we had the same teachers. We also all still know the school song, which is ridiculously long. We’ve known their music for a while, but met pretty recently. We got to play some shows together on the way down to SXSW this year and totally clicked.

MA: I love Leggy. They’re so nice. Veronique is that bitch. She books all the shit in Cincinnati. Everyone’s always lit for Leggy.

BTR: What should we be keeping an eye out for in the future of The Ophelias?

SP: We’re going back to the studio in late June, actually. It’s coming up. I’m really excited to record the new stuff. We’re playing a couple of new songs on tour and they’re so fun to do live.

MA: More songs. Summer bangers.