The Off-White Get Pickled With Pickle Juice (And Answer Some Questions)

The Off White know how to launch a road trip in style: chasing whiskey with brine.

The New Jersey rockers kicked off their mini tour with fellow Garden State band Sharkmuffin by fielding questions and downing pickleback shots.

Comprised of Pat Brenner on vox, Sean Jones on guitar and vox, Mike Bongi on bass, David Jensen on guitar and Matt Aidala on drums The Off White kick you in the gut with their beats and hit you in the heart with melodies. A gritty garage punk band through-and-through, these guys put on a good show.

Recently, the group released a split EP with Sharkmuffin via Little Dickman Records. Sharkmuffin keeps it fast paced with guttural screams and abrupt starts and stops. While The Off White bang out grungy garage sounds rhythms overlaid with catchy “ohs” and “ahs.”

The Off White tells BTRtoday about the start of their shared tour, being inspired by old school punk and the potential future of becoming a painter of dog portraits.

Read the entire interview below.

BTRtoday (BTR): How’s tour so far? I know it’s a small one and you literally just started, but is there anything in particular you guys are looking forward to?

Sean Jones (SJ): Tour has been really chill so far. It’s just a little run so it’s really relaxed. It’s like a little vacation with the buds. We’re doing some picklebacks at Barcade in New Haven right now, so that’s a good indication of how things are going. Tara’s van is better than mine too.

Mike Bongi (MB): Looking forward to touring with a band that isn’t our band or a band we share members with.

BTR: What are some of The Off White’s inspirations?

Pat Brenner (PB): The Clean, Thin Lizzy and first two minutes of “Holy Diver.”
David Jensen (DJ): Stadium country is chill.
Matt Aidala (MA): “Go For A Soda” by Kim Mitchell.
SJ: Coca-Cola and David Allan Coe.
MB: Citrus themed Led Zeppelin songs.

BTR: Are you guys more mosh pit or crowd surf?

PB: I’m gonna go down as a hard mosh. Crowd-surfing is for the birds.
DJ: Bird is the word.
MA: Didn’t we just say not to say this?
SJ: I’m gonna crowd surf and come down hard on Pat’s face. I’m about both.

BTR: How was collaborating with Sharkmuffin on the split EP?

MA: Let’s just say a lot of new data charges this month.
SJ: Tara and Natalie in Sharkmuffin are way more proactive than anyone in The Off White so it was really nice working with people who knew what the hell was going on. I probably have about 300 unread texts from that group chat.

The Off White @ Barcade – Photo by Natalie Kirch

BTR: Was there anything from your past that really stands out to you that got you into music?

SJ: Skate videos I think got me into music. I became obsessed with the Ramones and the Dead Boys in sixth grade and all the skate videos I was watching as a kid are probably responsible.
PB: My mama was always listening to cool stuff like Tom Waits and Van Morrison. She dragged me to see Bob Dylan when I was in third grade, and some guy tried to sell my sister mushrooms. That stands out to me.
MA: My dad was a drummer so I always had a drum set around growing up.
DJ: Probably would have to say just listening to music.

BTR: What do you guys have in store for the future?

SJ: Quitting the band and moving to the furthest possible point from any Off White member. Sooner rather than later… And paint pictures of dogs.
PB: Stalking Sean and sending him pictures I take of him eating breakfast accompanied with cryptic messages about Tom DeLonge.
MA: Probably just go ahead and try not to die soon.
DJ: Friends, the show and the humans.