The Medium Let The Titanic Sink

The last time I interviewed The Medium we bonded over Titanic. The band was using VHS sets of the classic ‘90s epic ocean-bound romance as stage decorations, which inspired me to drunkenly flash my Titanic tattoo.

Now, they’ve released their debut LP Get It While It’s Hot. They’re still unsinkable, but they’ve moved on from The Titanic.

The band was tired of touring with all those tapes so they 86ed Kate and Leo and their hearts have gone on to other things. Their new album deals with friendship, love and loss and takes inspiration from a chance encounter with a dying man.

Listen to Get It While It’s Hot and read the entire interview with The Medium below. Plus, catch them this Friday at The Broadway in Brooklyn.

BTRtoday (BTR): Get It While It’s Hot—tell me your favorite part about working on this debut.

Sam Silva (SS):We enjoyed making this record in the comfort of our home, unobstructed by record moguls, studio bigwigs and corporate suits. We mostly wore pajamas, brewed some tea and worked at our own pace. Living by a 24-hour Kroger helps.

BTR: Did any new life experiences inspire these tracks?

Michael Brudi (MB): Purely by chance, Jared comforted a dying man in the park one day in the months before the Get It While It’s Hot sessions. The man had just suffered a heart attack and Jared held him in his arms as they waited for an ambulance. You can hear the effect this had on his drumming. He was in a dark place.

BTR: How does it feel to have your debut LP out?

SS: It feels like a combination of giving birth and cooking a big hearty meal, and having a big feast with your newborn child. Sometimes people ask us to sign records so you can imagine how weird it must feel to sign your own baby.

BTR: If this album had a slogan or life motto, what would it be?

Jared Hicks (JH): Don’t not ever do nothing to no one that’ll hurt anyone.

Shane Perry (SP): If there ever was to be, then there is. Also, respect the rats.

The Medium, “Have a Happy Day”

BTR: What happened to all the VHS you guys used to carry around? I haven’t seen them on stage with you in a while. Finally moved on to streaming or something?

SS: We’re not really sure. They all mysteriously disappeared one night after a show in a haze of smoke and thunder, most likely because of a witch’s hex. If you have any information leading to their safe return we are offering a cash reward. We’re kidding, of course. Who really wants to carry around 50 plus double VHS box sets on the road? We had to grow up.

BTR: What’s been your favorite experience on this tour so far?

SS: Our favorite time so far this tour was in Iowa when we played in a big ol’ barn. It was located on a farm with cornfields as far as the eye could see. Everyone was very friendly and accommodating, even going so far as to stock one of our favorite beers—Dr. Robot Blackberry Lemon Sour. It was also Friday the 13th and there was a full moon, so after the show we wandered around a cornfield in the moonlit night with our dog and listened to the Beach Boys.

BTR: What else does The Medium have in store for the future?

SS: Get It While It’s Hot was definitely the fun record—there wasn’t much of a central theme apart from our limited life experience of friendship, love and loss. We wanna bring up the stuff people deal with every day [next time]. With future releases, we’ll be addressing the real issues, like sports, consumer culture and karaoke bars.

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