Skydeck Talks New Anti-Capitalism Album

Using a mixture of punk, electronic and new wave inspirations, Skydeck has created their debut album Eureka Moment.

“Ideally [the listeners] would enjoy the music and feel a strange numbing sensation, starting from the toes and eventually enveloping the whole body,” Skydeck duo Mitch Clemens Dominic Kearton tell BTRtoday. Coming from the pop band Pregnancy and indie rockers Ciggie Witch, this isn’t the pair’s first music rodeo. But Skydeck gives them a musically edgy and experimental outlet for their anti-capitalism anguish.

Skydeck sets up a dark and stormy vibe to extremely catchy melodies by singing about aspects of life they don’t particularly enjoy—capitalism, gambling, anxiety and even themselves. “Tourniquet Too,” released in January as the second single from the upcoming album, introduces them instantly as post-punkers who aren’t afraid to get a little groovy.

The Melbourne, Australia-based duo plan on staying strong even after Clemens moves to Mexico, forcing the pair to part ways. So there’s no need to worry—they plan to continue writing music together across countries.

Read the entire interview with Skydeck below.

BTRtoday (BTR): Tell me about Eureka Moment—what kind of inspirations went into it musically and lyrically?

Mitch Clemens (MC) & Dominic Kearton (DK): We made the instrumental part of the album a few years ago. At the time we were both listening to albums by Solid Space, Diät, Nun, Ought, Jenny Hval and a mixture of punk, electronic, new wave things. Lyrically, the songs discuss aspects of our lives that we don’t particularly enjoy, like late capitalism, gambling, anxiety, ourselves.

BTR: What would be your ideal reaction from listeners?

MC & DK: Ideally they would enjoy the music and feel a strange numbing sensation, starting from the toes and eventually enveloping the whole body.

BTR: If someone asked for one song to introduce them to Skydeck, which one of your tracks would you choose?

MC & DK: We have a song called “A Formal Introduction,” but it doesn’t do a very good job of introducing us. So, we’d pick “Tourniquet Too.” We both sing the hook, it has many metaphors, many layers of synths, it is the most recently released single and lots of our friends are in the music video.

BTR: Why the name Skydeck?

MC & DK: The Eureka Skydeck is the tallest building in Melbourne. A lot of the songs reflect on our position in the world and the Skydeck casts a long shadow into the depraved commotion of Melbourne. One glimpse of this monumental superstructure’s severe form is enough to feel the rigid and unbending jurisdiction of the Master. Within its dark penumbra, amongst those who profess to worship its deific reign, the continuous hum of a speaker’s cable plugged into nothing or the whirr of a laptop’s cooling fan whispers that it will all be fine, comfortingly and disingenuous.

BTR: What other passions do you guys have other than music?

MC & DK: Dom turns humble grapes into fine wine. Mitch reads and writes and learns languages. We both passionately follow the San Antonio Spurs.

BTR: Other than the album, what should we be keeping an eye out for in the future of Skydeck?

MC & DK: Well, vintage has yet to begin, but the Pinot Noir is showing good vigor, so keep an eye out for the 2019 release Purple Hen Pinot Noir. Also, our next album Rodeo Roadtrip will be an international collaboration with Dom living in Melbourne and Mitch living in Mexico.