Premiering Fever Joy’s Debut Music Video

West Coast pop band Fever Joy is coming into the music world like an avalanche with their ambitious debut song and video.

“Chasing dreams is all we’re really about,” Fever Dream frontwoman Avery Robitaille tells BTRtoday.

Their debut single “Shots” immediately put the band on the radar of anyone who loves discovering new pop rock. The sassy song about calling the shots is insanely catchy. Over a melody that whips and shreds, Robitaille keeps her voice low and sultry, giving off an innocent-pop-star-gone-bad vibe—reminiscent of “Dirrty”-era Christina Aguilera, but with an even more assertive attitude.

“[‘Shots’] calls out anyone who’s trying to play games with you,” Robitaille says about the song. “Don’t let yourself get sucked into something that’s going to hold you down. You have a say in how things play out. You call the shots—remember that.”

Joined by Sean “Tean” Baker on drums and Kevin Holm on guitar, the video for “Shots” (premiering below) is visually minimalist compared to the in-your-face track. The three band members rock out to the song in a simple white room, overflowing with passion and sick dance moves. It’s a perfect combo of visual and auditory stimulation.

Read the entire interview with Fever Joy and check out the premiere of the music video for the debut single “Shots” below.

Fever Joy “Shots”

BTRtoday (BTR): You guys haven’t been a band for very long but have already produced a killer song and now this video. How does that feel?

Fever Joy: Each of us have been chasing this dream for years, so it’s a pretty surreal feeling experiencing it all start to pay off.

BTR: What has the process been like for you guys? Is it stressful moving along so quickly?

Fever Joy: We set high expectations for the band early on so it’s taken a lot of work to live up to those. There’s been a few stressful moments, but overall it’s been super rewarding. The lows are worth pushing through to feel the highs.

BTR: What kind of big dreams do you have for the future of Fever Joy?

Fever Joy: Our biggest dreams right now would be touring on a regular basis and playing major music festivals like Coachella or Lollapalooza—that being said, we’re pushing to get on SXSW in March so fingers crossed we get to start taking another big step toward the festival dream.

BTR: Where’d the name Fever Joy come from?

Fever Joy: The name Fever Joy is a juxtaposition. It’s two ends of a spectrum—light and dark, happy and sad, black and white. We’re constantly trying to find balance as people and, from a musical point of view, we are constantly trying to blend our love of both pop and rock music.

BTR: How does each member contribute to the vibe and character of the band?

Fever Joy: Tean (drums) is aggressively passionate and hard working. He’s constantly pushing for more practices, more shows, more everything. He’s also the one who never fails to show up with beers. Kevin (guitar) is the quirky one and much more technical with musical equipment, theory and songwriting. He spends a lot of time developing our sound. Avery is the free spirit. She’s really likable, positive and funny to be around. She’s how we are better able to connect with an audience and that’s the most important piece of this whole thing.

BTR: How would you describe your music in just a few words?

Fever Joy: If Madonna and The Rolling Stones had a baby.

BTR: Tell me about this debut single “Shots”—what does it mean to you?

Avery Robitaille (AR): “Shots” is a personal reminder that you deserve better. It calls out anyone who’s trying to play games with you. Don’t let yourself get sucked into something that’s going to hold you down. You have a say in how things play out. You call the shots—remember that.

BTR: What’s Fever Joy’s life motto?

AR: Keep the rose colored glasses on. People are constantly trying to sway you away from your dreams out of their own fears and insecurities. Call us ignorant, but chasing dreams is all we’re really about.