Post Animal To Play First Show In Space

The show hasn’t been locked in quite yet, but Post Animal is determined to be the first band to play out of this world.

BTRtoday was able to chat with guitarist Matt Williams during their tour. While the band was headed to Toronto, Williams’ mind was on the stars. “We’re already trying to get Elon Musk’s attention so we can be the first band to ever play in space,” he says. Though a rock band through-and-through, the five-piece band is known for incorporating an array of genres in their sound to create what Williams calls “Interplanetary Falcon Rock.”

Their most recent album, When I Think of You in a Castle, released this past April takes a more delicate approach. Each song is like a dream—some sweet and hazy, others nightmarish. “Castle” has a lucid dream feel, with eerie synth and sliding and bending guitar strings sprinkled throughout. But then tracks like “Ralphie,” have more animated sounds, making it lively and adventurous—almost like a video game with a ‘70s love story as the mission.

Post Animal is in the midst of a U.S. tour so you might be able to catch them soon. In the meantime, read the entire interview with Matt Williams below.

Post Animal, “Gelatin Mode”

BTRtoday (BTR): Hey guys, first of all, congrats on the new album. My friends from The Nude Party turned me onto it and I love it.

Matt Williams (MW): Thanks so much. We love us some mountain boys. We’re just glad it’s out in the world.

BTR: Tell me a little about it [When I Think of You In A Castle]—what was the creative process like?

MW: Collaborative. Some songs were skeletal at first and then brought to the band. Some songs were jammed out. Some songs were written on the spot, stemming from one melody as we were recording. Some were on the back burner for years, but finally came to fruition when we got it all together. In the end, the most important part was that we heavily collaborated and no song was complete without every band member’s contribution.

BTR: Why did you guys name it When I Think of You In A Castle?

MW: It sort of stems from the track “The Castle.” We were toying around with titles and that’s what stuck.

BTR: While we’re on the subject of names, where did the name Post Animal come from?

MW: That was just a lucky strike. We were at Jake’s family farmhouse, and we were talking about a book and someone said that what we’re doing was “post animal,” and then we had our light bulb moment to name the band exactly that.

BTR: What’s the evolution in your sound been like?

MW: We originally started out writing more Byrds-esque country music and we messed around with some different styles. I think we used to actively try to remain in the vein of psychedelia, but now have no restrictions musically. We want to write whatever we feel sounds good, as opposed to sticking to a particular style in the past. I think it’s healthy to do that exactly what you want to do musically and in most facets of life, as long as it’s a positive thing.

BTR: Yeah, I feel like you guys touch a lot of different genres, what would you guys call your music?

MW: Interplanetary Falcon Rock.

BTR: If you had absolutely no boundaries, what would your ideal show be like to play?

MW: We’re already trying to get Elon Musk’s attention so we can be the first band to ever play in space. This is not a joke. We understand his vision and we want to work with him.

BTR: What’re you guys looking forward to on this current tour?

MW: Playing some new cities, like Montréal tonight. We’ve never been as a band and some of us have never stepped foot in Quebec. We also love who we’re touring with, Paul Cherry and Slow Pulp.

BTR: Cool. Anything you want to add? Shout out to mom, maybe?

MW: Always shout out to the moms everywhere. Shout out to Starbucks for keeping us going, we’d love to work together too. Shout out to Tesla: please let us drive the first line of Sprinter van models. Shout out to Rainn Wilson for nailing that role in The Office. You know who I’m talking about.