Nice Knife Premieres Pop-Punk Thrasher “Feel It”

Frankenstein-ed together from members of riotous NYC pop-punk/indie rock bands, Nice Knife is ready to start dicing things up.

The five-piece features Tine Hill from Ex-Girlfriends on vocals, Sean Jones and Mike Bongi from The Off White on guitar and bass and Chris Nunez and Drew Adler from Sharkmuffin on guitar and drums. While sharing bills, the five of them kept finding themselves jamming together. They spent some drunken nights toying with the idea of making a new band. Soon, Nice Knife was born.

“We just decided to join forces to give you the answers to all of your questions,” Nunez tells BTRtoday. “It was a total Power Ranger moment the first time we got together.”

With their forces combined they create dirty and gritty thrashers with fuzzed-out vocals over fast punk beats and distorted guitar shredding. Their live show is a whirlwind of sound bouncing with bodies where chaos reigns. At their debut, a mic stand smacked Hill, so she spent the rest of the set gushing blood before rushing to the hospital to get eight stitches.

Below is the premiere of the title-track “Feel It” from their debut EP. It’s a short but sweet punk rocker song about “feeling it,” as Hill describes it. Press play and read the entire interview with Nice Knife below. Catch them Nov. 16 at a secret Bushwick location—DM Nice Knife via Facebook for address.

BTRtoday (BTR): So you guys are a pretty new band. How’s it been going so far?

Chris Nunez (CN): Yes definitely. Honeymoon phase still. Good times.

BTR: You all have been or are still in other bands. What does Nice Knife have for you that the others don’t?

CN: We just decided to join forces to give you the answers to all of your questions. It was a total Power Ranger moment the first time we got together.

BTR: You’ve only been playing shows since, I wanna say spring? What was your first show like? Do you have a favorite show you guys have played so far?

CN: We only have ten shows under our belt. The first one was early June and we definitely brought Nice Knife into the world with a bang. Second song in, Tine caught a rogue mic stand to the forehead and started gushing blood everywhere. She finished the set, walked to Wyckoff Heights and got eight stitches.

BTR: Let’s talk about this single you’re premiering! What was the writing process like?

CN: “Feel It,” is one of our favorite and, like most of our songs, came together pretty quickly. Everything is collaborative, so when we get in a room together and it sounds and feels good we just try and roll with that.

BTR: What’s “Feel It” about? Any real life personal inspirations behind it?

Tine Hill: “Feel It” is about feeling it.

BTR: Does everyone share a love for this fun more hardcore punk genre Nice Knife is or is there an eclectic array of music taste in the band it just happened to all come together like this?

CN: Yes and yes. We are all into everything. This is just our current happy medium.

BTR: What should we be keeping an eye out for in the future of Nice Knife?

CN: We’re just going to keep pumpin’ out records so we’re going to be back in the studio real soon. Our next show is Nov. 16 at a secret Bushwick location with Fat Heaven, Crybaby and Trashy—DM the band on Facebook @NiceKnife for the address.