Metalleg Will Never Turn Down Their Amps

Metalleg is the sound of musicians never wanting to stop.

It’s fast, raw and fun, with catchy lyrics and melodies that dare you not to to sing along. Hear them live and you’ll be instantly compelled to rush the stage.

Front man Max Comaskey also plays in Dirty Fences, a band wildly popular in the underground NYC music scene. However, Comaskey needed more, so he created Metalleg to keep the party going.

“It’s great ‘cause we’re constantly writing,” he tells BTRtoday about being in several music projects. “Having an outlet in multiple places makes it so no songs go into the vault of forgetting.”

They just finished recording a new LP and plan to release it soon. The album is sure to include their usual party starter tracks and “gutter pop” sound (as described on their Facebook page). Comaskey defines “gutter pop” as, “if you blasted Ariana Grande into a trashcan filled with dirty diapers and moldy fruit and shoved your head inside.”

Sounds like a pretty picture, right?

When BTRtoday chatted with Comaskey, he had just played Meltasia Music Festival with Metalleg a few days earlier and had just gotten to Europe to kick off the Dirty Fences Goodbye Love tour. We talk about Metalleg, the Berenstain Bears and the rock ‘n’ roll life. Check out the entire interview below.

BTRtoday (BTR): Where did the name Metalleg come from?

Max Comaskey (MC): We ran the gamut of names, as most bands do in the beginning. We were a number of different things but would always open with a song called “Metalleg.” Eventually, one of our first fans, Ratboy, just started calling us Metalleg and it stuck. Ratboy is the name maker for Metalleg.

BTR: Tell me about your music history.

MC: We all went to Hebrew school together and whilst practicing our Haftorahs for our bar mitzvahs we realized our voices synced up in a beautiful Semitic harmony. From that day forward we’ve formed many bands over the years. Metalleg is the newest incarnation.

BTR: Did you grow up listening to rock ‘n’ roll?

MC: We’re still growing up. And haven’t turned down our speakers once.

BTR: What bands/musicians have been some of your biggest influences?

MC: Mel Blanc, Devo, The Residents, Cheap Trick, The Ramones, NRBQ, The Dickies and Carl Stalling.

BTR: How does playing in multiple projects affect your writing process?

MC: It’s great ‘cause we’re constantly writing, so having an outlet in multiple places makes it so no songs go into the vault of forgetting.

BTR: What’s a typical practice for Metalleg like?

MC: A three-hour proto-fusion jazz funk metal ZZ Top jam followed by a medley of songs from our set that deteriorates back into a jam.

BTR: Can you paint a picture of what your live shows are like?

MC: It would be more like a finger painting done by a five-year-old on the wall of a McDonald’s play place, but I probably could.

BTR: On Facebook you put genre as “gutter pop”—what is that?

MC: It’s like if you blasted Ariana Grande into a trashcan filled with dirty diapers and moldy fruit and shoved your head inside.

BTR: Where are you guys from?

MC: We’re originally from an alternate dimension where Berenstain Bears were the BergenSTEIN Bears and Darth Vader actually did say, “LUKE, I am your Father.”

BTR: Oh wow! How does that alternate dimension affect your music?

MC: In the dimension we came from before we crossed over into this one our musical upbringing was influenced by everything that we were surrounded by so our hometowns definitely had an effect.

BTR: What have you guys been listening to lately?

MC: Italo-Disco, Dancehall and Cardi B.

BTR: What’s your favorite Metalleg song to play live?

MC: Whatever the newest song we’ve written is. So, right now it’s “Kissing April.”

BTR: What should we be keeping an eye out for Metalleg in the future?

MC: We just finished recording a new record at Stockholm Studios with our boy Troy (Loren Humphry). Gonna be putting that out soon. Also gonna have some shows coming up soon so keep your ears and eyes peeled.

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