Meet Shitbats, the Malevolent Heroes Bringing You Punk & Future Punk

The last time we chatted with Cat Clyde she was on her own, soothing us with empowering ballads. Now her tide has shifted and she comes to us filled with anger as Cat “Shit Commander” Clyde, the frontwoman of Shitbats.

Joined by Mitch “Fair Squire” Decaire, Strummer “Troll Smasher” Jasson, and Dan “Cyclops Tamer” Serrem the Canadian surf-punks raise hell with gritty garage punk that combines blues rock ‘n’ roll vocals, surfy riffs, and skull cracking beats. They released their debut album  Guano last month and have set the stage for musical demonic possession. Though Clyde’s vocals are still just as robust and powerful as her calmer solo project, Shitbats is filled with the frustrations of the current world and provides fast and rowdy music that sparks an epic battle of good and evil within every listener.

Listen to Guano below and read the entire interview with Shitbats’ Shit Commander below.


BTRtoday (BTR): What does Shitbats do for you that no other project does?

Cat Clyde (CC): Fun, freedom, and financial loss. It’s really great to have a creative project where you aren’t afraid of what happens with it and you aren’t trying to appeal to anyone in particular.

BTR: If your listeners could take away one line from a Shitbats song, which line would you want that to be?

CC: “We are only taught to read, so we can read the ads.”

BTR: How has the whirlwind of 2020 affected The Shitbats?

CC: It has taken away our ability to control people in a small room, but it has given us the power to come together and record more than we could have otherwise.

Shitbats “Let Me Go”

BTR: Tell me about Guano—what’s been one of your favorite moments from the creative and physical process?

CC: We all got together and said, “oh heck, we have to make a record,” so we scraped all our old songs and wrote a whole new album in about two weeks then recorded it all in five days in the dead of winter with no heat.

BTR: If the Shitbats had a one-liner slogan or life motto, what do you think that would be?

CC: “Long days and pleasant nights.” And if you were an upstanding citizen the proper response would be “and may you have twice the number.”

BTR: Besides the album release, what else should we be keeping out for in the future of Shitbats?

CC: We’ve recorded alternate funkier versions of some songs from our album that we will release as an EP shortly afterward. Why would anyone do this you may ask?